Wednesday, September 21, 2005

You Just Don't Fit In

Could this be Martha's answer to "The Donald's" "Your Fired" catch phrase?
I admit it, I watched. I had too, I love this kind of crap TV.
It's one thing to watch "The Donald's" version where we see the battle of the sexes, but it's another to watch "Martha's" version where half of the guys are acting like girls and then some of the girls are acting like hardened executives from the "Gold ole' Boys Club".
My favorite bit was when "Jim" who may be all of 21 uttered this great bit of wisdom right off of page 15 of any entry level business book, "It's eat or be eaten, it's kill or be killed". Hey Jim, I've got ties older than you, they may be out of style, but they do have more business experience than you do.
Martha gathered the final 3 in the board room with her version of a George and a Carolyn. It was 1 girl, 2 guys and ended up in a verbal cat fight. They were so busy throwing each other under the bus that all I could hear was peoples skulls bouncing off of the transmission.
While I am sharing with everyone tonight here is another little bit that really pisses me off. People that have been out of the industry for a year or so doing something completely different, that insist on telling me what my industry is like, how things need to be marketed designed etc..... No, you don't know how things are, your not doing this any more and you haven't for the last year, you left, this is not your ball field any more. If you want to play put on the cleats and come back onto the field we'll let you. A year or two in the business world is a long time, you've been gone things change, trends change not saying that your dumb, just removed.
Apologize for the rough tone it's just been a long week and it's only Wednesday.

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