Saturday, September 17, 2005

Why Homeowner Associations Exist

"H" had soccer pictures this morning 8:00am to be exact this morning.
"H" has played soccer 5 or 6 years, we have truly lost count. At pictures this morning there was all the 4 and 5 year olds lining up for pictures, their parents filling out the picture order forms. We could over hear these "Virgin Soccer Parents" I need 2 pennants, 10 trading cards pictures, 7 magnet pictures, 2 team pictures and 1 8X10 individual shot for over the fireplace. After so many seasons "The Wife" and I usually look at the order form and zero in on what ever is the cheapest package available and order that one.
OK, back to the subject at hand. Frick's World changed geographic locations a few years ago because, we needed more space and the kids needed better schools. After soccer pictures we decided to cruise through the old stomping grounds and see what has transpired since we packed up. As we cruise up to the original Frick's World manor what do we spy but a purple house, a "Fricking Purple As Barney's Belly Button House". I know what I had to do, I turn the car around and force "The Wife" to hang out the window and snap off a picture or two.
Beautiful, the only 2 things you can see from the space station is The Great Wall Of China and this purple house.
Just a simple word of advice to homeowners every where. If you are planning to paint your house do your neighbors a favor walk out to the end of your driveway, look up and down your street. Do you see any purple, lime green, baby blue or pink houses in your neighborhood? No you don't, then don't paint your house any of those colors. Look we really don't care that you are an individual or if you want to express yourself, if that was truly the case you would be living on the side of a mountain with a billy goat for a neighbor.
Just remember you are unique, just like everyone else......

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