Saturday, August 28, 2004

This Look Cool

I just found this for publishing your pictures. Its from Picasa and its free. It lets you add MP3s to your slideshows, so far if nothing else its great for organizing all you pictures.

Say it ain't so............

Dave got busted, but not for what you would think.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Monday At The Dentist

Here is a sure fire bang up way to start the week. Set a dentist appointment for first thing Monday morning. Nothing like letting someone work in your mouth with sharp pointy things before they have had their second cup of coffee.
I have a general problem with keeping my Dentist appointments. I think it is my undiagnosed AADD. Over the course of the last week every member of Fricksworld has reminded me that I had an 8:15 Dentist appointment Monday morning.
During the visit my dentist told me its time for me to enter adulthood, "What do you mean, I'm already a father". She proceeds to tells me that I need my first crown. It appears that having a cracked tooth in ones mouth is not normal or conducive to good oral hygiene. Guess what its going to be "GOLD". A little Bling Bling in my grill. I'm going to change my name to Mac Daddy Spank. Of course I received the usual course of "You don't floss enough". In between having the suction vacuumy thing attacking my tongue I replied "I'll do better". The best part was that the dentist said "I see your wife has an appointment at 10:00 this morning" to which I quickly added "She just started flossing last night"

Sunday, August 22, 2004

The end of the week? Or the beginning?

What a week.
Its started tanking somewhere around Wednesday. The wifes car decides on its own to bust/break/mutilate the timing belt. Now of course something like this does not happen in the garage on a Saturday morning. She was driving home from the doctors. Thank goodness my Aunt gave us AAA for Christmas plus she was able to transport the wife to the local Goodyear store. I swear I heard the Goodyear guy say CHA-CHING as he saw the Frickmobile (similar to the Popemobile) follow the tow truck into the parking lot. Well 2 hours and $500.00 later the wife is back on the road. As all this was transpiring my job was to pick up Goose at school. This was very similar to the carpool scene from Mr. MOM. I am entering through the exit, I have all these teachers swing their arms wildly at me. Me I'm clueless I think they are happy to see me, so I wave back, this was not the case. Now Goose is looking for Mom's Frickmobile not Dad's and I can't seem to be able to remember what Goose looks like so it is necessary for me to make 2 laps through the carpool lane.
Now lets jump ahead to Friday, my phone rings its the wife. The garage door won't open and she says that something is hanging down from the drive chain and you guessed it the car is inside. My first question "Is the garage door laying on top of the Frickmobile with the new timing belt?". "No you Jackball" she replies I need to go pick up Goose at school. Well after my experience on Wednesday at carpool it is quickly decided that Goose will ride the bus home. I could hear Goose now "Not the bus". Fixing the garage door was not a big deal , less than a dollars worth of bolts and we were back in business.
Now its Sunday morning, I am downstairs and we are getting ready for church. I hear "HONEY there is water running out of the toilet". Cripe, was my response and I rush upstairs expecting to see the cat drowning, but alas no such luck. Turns out the ballcock (a plumbing term, not porn) is jammed and has over filled the tank and water is now flowing out through the handle. A quick fix.
We cooked out on the grill this evening, I was reluctant at first for fear of setting the backyard ablaze with the recent Fricksworld string of bad luck. I was reassured that everything would be fine and to go ahead and light the grill.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the dern phone line went dead Saturday afternoon. Nothing better that dealing with the phone company. Someone will be there today between 11:00 and 2:00 we are told. Guess what 2:00 and no technician. The wife gets back on the phone and they tell her Oh someone should have called to tell you that you have been re-scheduled for Sunday between 2:00 and 5:00. 5:00 Sunday comes and guess what no technician, the wife is back on the phone and they tell her that someone (who is this someone, what is his name and how do I get his job?) will call her back within 45 minutes with an ETA. 5:30 comes the dog starts going nuts and I look out the window like I do on Christmas Eve and I see the elusive technician. I asked the technician if he is someone, of course I get no response, only a blank stare and 10 minutes later we have a dial tone.
I need to get back to work so I can rest

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Acme Labs

Check out Acme Labs, lots of cool stuff..................

80 things about me

1. I live in Georgia
2. Married 18 years next month
3. 2 kids (boy & girl)
4. 3 cars
5. I like to fish
6. Make that love to fish
7. I have a yellow lab named Cider
8. The rest of the family has 2 cats (big deal)
9. We have a fish (Jack) who is very low maintenance
10. I spend a lot of time on the computer
12. I don't sleep well at nights
13. I have lost 60 lbs in the last year
14. I am bald, by choice
15. I am turning 40 next month
16. I am getting a tattoo for my 40 birthday
17. I am A+, Net+,CDIA+ & CNA certified
18. I never call in sick for work
19. I listen to "Dave Matthews Band"
20 I took piano lessons for 6 years growing up
21. I can't repair cars too save my life
22. My parents live in North Carolina, for the next month, then they move to Georgia
23. My Aunt lives close by
24. I cut my own grass
25. I like to cook
26. I run 4 miles everyday
27. I still eat at Taco Bell
28. I have never skydived, but would like to
29. I wear suspenders to work a lot
30. I have 15 pairs of suspenders
31. I watch "American Chopper" every week
32. I think "West Coast Chopper's" builds a better looking bike
33. I love my wife
34. We met in High School
35. I hate painting
36. I hate hanging wallpaper even more
37. I don't go fishing enough
38. I have a great CD collection
39. I still have not replaced my broken digital camera
40. I have 4 e-mail accounts, bit I only check 3 of them
41. I hate voice mail
42. I miss a lot of dentist appointments
43. I over 2000 minutes a month on my cell phone
44. I am good with PowerPoint
45. I snore when I sleep
46. If we go out to lunch I'm never picky about where we eat
47. I can usually make you laugh
48. I have an earring
49. I don't wear it to the office
50. I am a pain to go clothes shopping with
51. I make fun of my wifes feet
52. My son and I have matching "West Coast Chopper's" shirts
53. Sometime we actually wear them at the same time
54. When we do we look silly
55. Sometimes its OK too look silly, unless your are at church or a wedding
56. I am a good tipper
57. I always forget to pay my cell phone bill
58. We finally bought a DVD player
59. One of our TV's is 18 years old
60. I was almost in the Army
61. I failed High School
62. I made it up and graduated during summer school
63. I did not go to my prom
64. I sing a lot of made up songs in the car
65. My daughter can be mouthy at times, she gets it from me.
66. I enjoy winter
67. I never tan, I just burn
68. I like wearing hats
69. I will not allow my kids to have a horse
70. I want a mini ipod
71. I am watching the Olympics while typing this
72. Politics does not hold my interest
73. I read a bunch
74. I read non-fiction
75. I love cool t-shirts
76. I still watch Sienfield when ever I can
77. My favorite drink is Diet Mtn Dew
78. I wish that I was good at Basketball
79. I am terrible at spelling (as if you could not tell)
80. I love the spell checker, lots of times it can't even guess at what I'm trying to spell

ipaq 3800

I am getting my electronic life back in order. After the demise of my Smartphone I have switched back to my ipaq 3800. I even downloaded a flyfishing theme for it. I have synced all the palm info into this one and am ready to roll. At least with the ipaq I have wireless. Now I just need to replace the cameras.

Joke Time

I have heard this joke twice this week, once the Republican version and once the democrats version, so it must mean its funny

Disclaimer: My posting of this joke is by no means to be interpreted as a political endorsement against or for either candidate. And should be looked apon as humor only.

G. W. Bush and John Kerry somehow ended up at the same barbershop. As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken. The barbers were even afraid to start a conversation, for fear it would turn to politics. As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had George in his chair reached for the after shave.

George was quick to stop him saying, "No thanks, my wife Laura will smell that and think I've been in a brothel,"

The second barber turned to Kerry and said, "How about you?"

Kerry replied, "Go ahead, my wife doesn't know what the inside of a brothel smells like."

Aggression Day

Spent the day destroying old printers. After all these years of being careful handling electronic parts it was fun to beat the tar out of them with a hammer. Nothing like throwing a harddrive across the parking lot and hears its inside rattling. The construction crew working on the office offered to hoist one of the printers up an the roof and drop it, but I declined due to the mess and the probability of denting the parking lot. Of course during all this fun I managed to sunburn the top of my head.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Sign Up Day

This morning is sign up for "H"'s fall basketball season. There is nothing better than spending the cool fall mornings watching the kids play basketball.
The kids survived their first week of school. At the start of the school year they had all their new school supplies nice neat and organized, but by Friday they were laying in a pile next to the door. We had no reports of pop quizes or the writing of the "What I Did Over My Summer Vacation" mandatory report. The temperature has even dropped, so much so that we are sitting here with the windows open. I am ready for some cooler weather.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Hump Day

I spent last night in Lexington, SC. If you are ever there and hungry for wing, there is only one place to go "Carolina Wings & Rib House". What ever wing temp you like your bump it up (1) notch here and try the wing chips while you are at it.
Well tonight I'm about 6 miles up the road in Irmo, SC. After work I went over to Irmo high school to watch the recreational softball league practice. Nothing like getting stares from people that know you are not from around here. Plan to drop by Greenville, SC tomorrow afternoon and then back home.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

Mom's Birthday

We spent yesterday in the mountains celebrating Mom's birthday.
The theme "The Lion Queen" a blatant knock off of Disney's "The Lion King. We pigged on chicken salads and my favorite boiled peanuts.
I even snuck off for an hour or so of mountain fishing.
Mom & Dad have sold their mountain retreat, so we went by to see the property for the new Frick Manor. Its only an hour or so north of us.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Bad Design?

Due to my recent bad luck with my smartphone I have decided to publish what I think are bad designs

Bad Design

All flip phones except the Motorola V60

Hotels that have desk chairs that are to low for the desk

Asheville NC hospital room 738. The light switch is inside the drawer and there is no plug by the sink for your electric razor

PowerPoint slides with more than 4 bullet points on it.

My smartphone, that will not charge when I am talking on it. (Its been a bad smartphone week)

The cereal tubes at Holiday Inn Expresses. Not matter how careful I am I always dump some on the floor.

The electrician who decided to put my thermostat in the hottest part of the house

Good Design

The A/C plugs on the new MAC G5. They angle so the cord does not kink

Aqua fresh toothpaste with floss in the cap. (What took someone so long to think of this?)

D-Link USB wireless card. Small, looks cool and fits in you pocket

Hampton Inn in Greenville SC. They have laptop desks in every room. They also have an area map attached to your room key holder.

MY Targus AC power supply. Both of the cords detach from it & comes with a zippered pouch

Google Toolbar

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Late Night

I just got back into town. I spent the afternoon in Iva, South Carolina. Talk about a small town, population of less than 2000.
My electronics luck is getting worse by the day. My smartphone took a major dump today. The flip hinge broke, I guess its a brokephone not a smartphone.

Mom's Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom
Looking forward to your big birthday bash. You are kind of like OPRAH in the fact that you are throwing your own birthday party....
What a tiring and thankless job you had in raising me. I am sure that there were times that you would look at me then look toward heaven, then look toward me again and just shake your head.

Now I am sure that you remember the time I wore my Mork & Mindysuspenders to church, or the time I decided to wash your cars engine, the first time I shaved my head... and the fact that I did not go to my high school graduation.

Well I remember the time that you helped me look for the snake that had escaped in my car, the time that you took a dog bite for me and of course (my favorite) the time you rescued me from the drunk girlfriend and dropped her off at her Dad's house on his honeymoon night, what a hoot that was............
Through the years you always gave me the freedom to make my own choices (and gently guide towards the right decisions) no matter how selfish I was being at the time.

You have always been their for your family no matter what was going on at the time.

We are thankful that you have been able to be a part your grandchildrens life, even though or house is not the calmest on the block.

The simple things that you do for us, such as the memory box that I get to keep adding too ( You saved the hair from my first haircut, hair that I wish I could re-attach to my head).

I hope that you have a great birthday, and I look forward to your party. Maybe Entertainment Tonight will show up and film it.

Your are the best Mommy in the world...........

I Love You

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Taking a break from EFI training, man I just love dilbert

Sunday, August 01, 2004

I Got A New Job

I found out today that I have got a new job: Official Fricksworld Wisteria Trimmer.
After cutting the lawn I pulled out my trusty pruners and attacked this beast of a plant for over an hour. Cutting, pulling & filling the wheelbarrow. The point is that I have to so this every two to three weeks. I spend tons of money on my lawn every year. For what I spend water, fertilizer & seed I could buy my iPod. All of this in search of a rich green lawn, which always becomes sparse and brown by the middle of summer. Our wisteria plant gets abused from the kids throwing footballs into it to the smoke from the BBQ grill and it continues to grow and grow and grow.....

I may be switching back to the old template because I can't find a way to post picture inside my blogs...... Note the big exception box in my Official Desert For Half Of Fricksworlds Members post below...

New Template

Decided to do some template modifications because I am putting off going outside to cut the lawn. Still have to do a few more tweeks and I will be satisified (for a while)........

Official Desert For Half Of Fricksworlds Members

Half of the members have voted that Dairy Queens new brownie batter blizzard is our official desert. This 16oz treat contains over 900 calories and 45 grams of fat. Dr. Phil would be pushed over the edge with this one............

Other members do not necessarily agree with this and were not included in the voting process.

Try Thunderbird

If you are using Outlook Express try Thunderbird................

Stone Mountain

Georgia On My Mind

We loaded up the Fricksworld Urban assault vehicle and headed to Stone Mountain for the afternoon. Plans were to hike the mountain and then have a dinner picnic on the lawn while watching the laser show . If you are ever in the Atlanta area during the summer and need a great way to burn an evening spend the $7.00 to enter the park and watch the lasershow. We arrived at 5:30 to find the lawn already filling up, so we nixed the hiking of the mountain. A four hour wait and me with my undiagnosed ADD and guess what I survived without a computer. "Goose" and I played cards while "H" ending up hanging out with the other kids on the neighboring blankets. We have been to the lasershow several times over the years and everytime I am amazed at what a small town feeling you get while you are there.