Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Progression Of Things Around Here

The general progression of things around "Frick's World" is that simple and cheap things, projects or ideas will usually snowball into complicated and expensive.
For example I present to you the scenario below:

Below is a plate rack in our kitchen, it's been there awhile looks good and serves its purpose, whatever that purpose is. We don't use the plates so they should last in theory forever.

It's a nice plate rack, I like it.
"The Wife". while shopping, sees some new plates that will look nice on the
kitchen plate rack that currently is holding plates that we never use.

This, I think would be the "Simple & Cheap" part.

To my eyes it looks great in the plate rack, even though I found no fault with the old plates.

The key to the sentence above is "To my eyes" because if you look at the picture below
you can plainly see the plate rack is blocking the cute inscription on the plate.

Now comes the "Complicated & Expensive" part.
Since the current rack is covering the cute inscription it will require a new plate rack. This will require removal of the perfectly good old rack, patching the holes, because you know there's no way to find a new rack that has the same screw pattern. An additional trip to the plate rack store and 15 minutes with a screw driver I present to you the new plate rack and plates.
I'm sure I'll grow to like this one as much as I liked the previous one.
And always remember "Share Laughter"

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Someone Beens Painting

I didn't go and run off with a Smurf, "The Wife" decided to do some painting today and apparently she did it barefooted. Using my CSI deductive reasoning skills I can theorize a few things
  • There is now something robin egg blue in my house
  • Somewhere there is a whole mess of paint on the floor
  • I will have to clean up the above mess
  • "The Wife" will now require a pedicure

and how come the "little piggie that stayed home" is bigger than "this piggie went to market"?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Picture Of The Week

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Now I might not be the smartest man on the face of the earth but I'm pretty good at figuring stuff out. Like if you don't do laundry, at some point you're going to run out of clean clothes. We recently bought a camping air mattress, well I'm not about to blow that thing up with my lungs so enter the ELECTRIC air pump, beautiful!!! It's even got a lady on the box that appears to be camping and she looks happy. Now in the corner of the box is one of those yellow caution triangles, it's never anything good when you see one of those yellow caution triangles. Inside the triangle it is written "OUTLET REQUIRED". Damn, I'm so glad that someone gave me a heads up on that one otherwise I would have taken my new mattress and pump out into the wilds of nature only to find that my air pump needed an outlet before it would work.
But here's what's worse, the only reason that yellow caution triangle is there is because some jackball probably tried to sue them because they didn't realize that for their ELECTRIC air pump they would need an ELECTRIC outlet for it to work.

I've Been Shopping

I decided to treat myself to a couple of items off my Amazon list and it's not even my birthday.

First to come off of the list was the "Gymboss" interval timer. Sometimes at the park I'll sprint for 1:00 minute and then walk for 2:00 minutes I'll do this usually 7 times, makes for a quick heart pounding workout. The issue is that I can't count set my watch for two different intervals and then try to remember if that was my 4th or 5th sprinting session. Gymboss lets you set different intervals as well as the number of intervals. It's small and clips right onto your shorts, it can even be set to vibrate so if your at the gym you won't disturb others. There's only 3 buttons and can be programmed in about 2 minutes the first time you use it.

Next off the list a set of "Smoking Buds" from "Skullcandy". Fricksworld has at least 6 iPods laying around and at least twice that many sets of headphones. Apple is the master of form & function but they can't build a set of headphones to save their life. To me they are very tinny allow for lots of ambient noise to seep in and will not stay in my ear when doing anything physical. Now I love my "Bose" headphones, on a plane they can't be beat, but not practical for wearing while doing anything physical. Enter the Smoking Buds these fit in the ear and stay in the ear with their silicone buds, they limit ambient noise and the bass response is amazing plus they have cool skulls on them, marketing at its finest.

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