Saturday, April 30, 2005

Trying To Learn JavaScript

I have spent the rainy afternoon trying to learn something about JavaScript. I should have started with a "JavaScript for Dummies" book. There are probably kids a "Goose's" school that can write scripts without having to look at a book.
Of course I had to thumb through the book and start with the fun stuff and not the important job security type stuff.
Don't click this link!

I Called This One All Wrong

A word of advice to John Mason (her fiance?)
Getting married just to have SEX is like burning your house down to make toast.

No Soccer Today

Due to a mornings worth of rain, the soccer fields are closed.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Read Post Below First

As you can see from my last post I am very concerned with the influx of chronic candy into the Atlanta market. While I do have genuine concern I also have a genuine concern (more genuine) for the Frick’s World collective pocketbook. After contemplating the chronic candy situation I came to realization they there’s nothing I can do about it, so in that great American tradition I am buying into the “If you can’t beat them, join them” method of thinking.
I am launching my own candy line. Remember “Pop Rocks” that hard popping candy that supposedly if mixed with cola would explode in your stomach?
Well my new candy is “Crack Rocks”. Looks and feels just like real crack, I am planning to see if there is someway to make it flammable so it as realistic as possible. Just imagine next time you go down to the convenience store for pork rinds and beer, there sitting on the counter, just waiting for an impulse buyer, will be “Crack Rocks”. I am thinking of including a “For Sale” sign for your car or maybe an eviction from your landlord note, so this can be just like the real thing.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

This Is Just What We Needed

Just saw this on the evening news. Chronic Candy has made its way to Atlanta. Pot flavored candy "every lick is like taking a hit". I this our childrens version of candy cigarettes?

Long Week

It's only Thursday and it's been along week. Started out Monday morning in Greenville SC up to Hickory NC, down to Shelby NC, back to Atlanta last night for a regional dinner, then this morning up to Chattanooga TN. If you have never been to Chattanooga the downtown area is very clean, well today I found out why, they impose a business tax and charge a fee for vehicles that are registered inside the city of Chattanooga. Well it appears that they are putting the funds to good use.

I am glad to see that after only a month of rehab Pat O'Brien has been released. I only wonder that if his friends or co-worker phone rings and they look at the caller ID and see it's Pat, do they answer it?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"The Wife's" Birthday

We got "The Wife" a set of these Griffin Ear Jams for her Birthday. These things are amazing, best $15.00 gift ever.

My Musical Taste

Your Taste in Music:

80's Rock: High Influence
Progressive Rock: High Influence
90's Pop: Medium Influence
Classic Rock: Medium Influence
Country: Medium Influence
Hair Bands: Medium Influence
80's Alternative: Low Influence
80's Pop: Low Influence
90's Alternative: Low Influence
90's Hip Hop: Low Influence
Adult Alternative: Low Influence
Ska: Low Influence

I knew that I was stuck in the 80's

Monday, April 25, 2005

Joke Of The Day

Why does a blonde have one more brain cell than a horse?
So she doesn't poop during the parade!

We celebrated "The Wifes" birthday yesterday. The meal was finished of with a diabetic delight cake. The icing contained 8oz. cream cheese, 1/2 cup sugar. 1 cup powdered sugar, 12 oz cool whip and 10 (yes 10) almond Hershey bars. "The Wife" said that she had some for breakfast, so much for being a nutritional role model for the kids.

I was charged with being the substitute soccer coach on Saturday. We lost 7-0. At one point they announced over the loud speaker "Would the lady who lost her 11 kids, please return to pick them up, they are getting beat up".

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Special Edition Ray Charles iPod

Check out some of the other celebrity edition iPods LINK

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Great Day Of Service

"Goose' & I spent the morning with some of our fellow church members participating in "Our Great Day Of Service". Our project was "Storm Drain Stenciling" one of the local neighborhoods. The morning started out early with a 7:15 am check in at the church. "Goose" and I were charged with placing doorhangers throughout the neighborhood educating the residents about pesticide and chemical runoff in the neighborhood, the other part of the group was in charge of stenciling the storm drains to let the residents know that these storm drains feed into local creeks and rivers. When I saw the spray paint I was the first to utter the phase "Christian Graffiti Artists". All in all after a very cool morning start it turned out to be a rather productive day.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Another Friday In Raleigh

Here I sit as I did last month, in the Raleigh Durham Airport. My 6:10 pm flight has now been pushed back to 8:30 pm, well at least its better sit in the terminal than be stuck on the tarmac inside an airplane. This has given me time to cruise the airport. Airports stores are really amazing, there’s a Brooks Brothers here, and I wonder how many $375.00 blazers they sell each day? The RDU airport has a great used book store, as I was browsing I noticed under the “Self Help” section a book titled “How To Make Love To A Women” in the “Self Help” section. I was going to suggest to the cashier that book may be better served in another section, but I didn’t want to come off looking like a total pervert.

I stayed at a Hampton Inn last night and I guess they have rolled out a new marketing campaign and I guess one portion of this campaign is focused on the bathroom grooming supplies. You now get a shower cap (they missed the target market with this bald guy), a nice tin of mints, shampoo, mouthwash, shower gel, lotion & conditioner (you know the kind of stuff your kids want you to bring home to them).The shampoo, mouthwash, shower gel, lotion & conditioner are all stored in these clear slick looking plastic bottles with nice blue writing on the side describing what’s contained inside. The shampoo, shower gel & mouthwash are blue which kind of blends in with the nice blue writing on the bottle, well you can only guess what happened to me. Last evening after my nightly oral hygiene routine I decided to finish it off with a little breath freshening mouthwash. I blindly reach over a grab one of my clear slick looking counter top bottles pop the top and then to my surprise I find that I had grabbed the shower gel bottle instead of the mouthwash. I was then standing in the hotel bathroom looking like a “Lawrence Welk” reject with bubbles wafting out of my mouth and a stunned look on my face.
Hey another gripe that I have about hotel bathroom (in case you were wondering) is why do they install the towel rack over the toilet? I can’t tell you how many bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths that I have accidentally dunked into the toilet trying to grab something off these damn racks.

It's late (11:57 pm)and I'm back in the ATL. Delta gave me something new this evening a sub-upgrade. A sub-upgrade is when they can't bump you up to first class so they seat you on an exit row............

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Matthews NC

I was in Matthews, NC. Wednesday and when I got out of my car I heard this blood curdling noise. I looked up on the roof of the building next to me and I see a peacock, that's right a peacock in North Carolina, I hadn't seen one of these since my 5th grade field trip to the zoo. I grabbed my camera and walked toward the building, which turned out to be the "Tyron House Restaurant", as I round the corner of the restaurant I was greeted by a small pond surrounded by geese, turkeys, swans and ducks. It was utterly amazing less that 200 yds off of 74, I have found Old McDonald's Farm. I never did see the peacock again. I wonder if this is the staging area for the restaurant?

Word Around Frick's World

"The Wife" is having a birthday this week and word around Frick's World is that "The Wife" keeps checking my blog to see if I left any hints as to what we got her for her 41st birthday.

A Peek Out The Window of B-18

Its The Roll Of The Dice

As much as I fly and rent cars there's not much excitement associated with it any more. The one small bit of excitement left is when the big yellow bus pulls into the rental car lot I still get giddy at the thought of which car I get to roll in for the week. This evening as I was walking towards my rental stall my usual excitement was in tow until I got to my slot and saw a VAN, a freaking soccer Mom maroon Chevy van, I just hope no one I know sees me in it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Stolen from an e-mail

Nothing like an aluminum ladder, water and electricity!

You know this guy has a roll of duct tape on the front seat!

Protective gear is for sissies!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Goo Goo Dolls

I am watching the Goo Goo Dolls "Live in Buffalo" DVD (again). What a great DVD, a must have for any music lover. From simple acoustic to a remake of Supertramps "Give A Little", this DVD covers it all.

Hey I heard a joke;
What do you call Michael Jackson without any money?

A Male Bonding Saturday

The Frick's World men and women went their separate ways for the day. The women folks went to see a production of "Swan Lake", the Frick men being the men that we are passed on this and went on our own adventure. We started off at "The Varsity" for a complete and hearty lunch of Burgers, Hot Dogs and French Fries. The Varsity has been a Frick male tradition since I was a young lad. We then darted down to the "Georgia World Conference Center" for the "2005 Auto Show".
We had a blast, saw all of the latest cars and some concept cars. "H" sat in just about every car. We saw the "American Chopper Lincoln Bike". "H" got an autograph from one of the "Pirelli Girls". "The Wife" is really wanting one of the new "Dodge Magnums", the Hemi version no doubt, so we made sure to get a picture of "H" sitting in one. Dodge had the best looking cars of the whole show.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Viva Las Vegas

It looks like the Vegas airport has free Wi-Fi. I will be getting back home just in time to start the day 5:30am.

I checked into Mandalay Bay Monday and I have already learned a few things:

1. To go anywhere on the property (oh yeah it’s called a “property” not a hotel) you have to go through a casino (good marketing)
2. There are no coffee pots in you hotel room. The reason there is not a black jack table, slot machine or pit boss in your room.
3. High Speed internet is $11.00 a day (I showed them my Hilton Honors Diamond card, still $11.00 a day). The reason if you’re in your room checking e-mail, you’re not gambling.
4. They do not pump oxygen into your hotel room; I am ready to doze off at any minute
5. If you are a male and when you become old and wrinkly come to Las Vegas because you can still get chicks: I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
6. No matter what you weigh or what body type you have,you can wear a thong, Speedo or bikini around the pool.

Day 2: and I am already out of money (Big buck dinner at China Grill last night) but no need to worry there are ATM’s everywhere. My ATM receipt had an advertisement for the local gamblers anonymous group. Maybe it’s a little late to have it on the receipt; I already had my money and was heading back to the tables before I noticed it.

Day 3: its 1:00 am or 4:00 am depending on what time zone you’re in. My body is still not sure. I found out that they still have not changed the advertisement on the ATM receipt. If they changed to name of the game from “21” to “23” I would have a whole lot of money in my pocket.

Day 4: with 4 hours of sleep and the jet lag taking its toll I am awake and ready for the final day of our annual kick-off. We had a great dinner/party at the Manadalay Beach last night, as I had predicted (2) people ended up in the wave pool. A few too many beers and beach breezer drinks last night has taken it affect on this 40 year old.

I just won $20.00 bucks on a $5.00 play on a slot machine at the airport, this is the only place that I have won, I guess I should have just stayed in the airport and played the slots here, kind of like Tom Hanks in Terminal.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Check It Out

KeyHole is way tooooo cool. Props to "GOOGLE" on this one. Try it for 7 days for free

DIY In The Neighborhood

The homes in the Frick's World neighborhood are 25-30 years old. From the outside most of the homes have kept up with the times, replacing driveways as needed, replacing septic fields when needed (don't ask), removing dead trees & re-roofing when called for. In other words the neighborhood doesn't look a 1/4 of a century old. One of the houses down the street has been up for sale, so a few weeks ago and being the concerned neighbor that I am, walked down to look through the windows just to make sure no crack addicts had moved in. What I saw was amazing, the carpet was turquoise, I thought that I saw some tiger or lion print wallpaper and a wet bar (remember those). This house must have been the bomb back in 1975 a total love nest. Well I told you that story so that I could tell you this one. Coming home from church this morning we decided to take a tour of the neighborhood, and what do I see in front of that house but an avocado toilet circa 1970 and the best part is that somebody replaced the toilet seat along the way and for whatever reason they could not find an avocado one and had to settle for white. I wonder what color the countertops are?

Friday, April 08, 2005

Frick's World Vacation

Frick’s World took its Spring Break this year in Pigeon Forge TN. We spent the week with the Frick’s World Grandparents. It was the most time that we’ve spent together since I left home 20 years ago, there were no casualties.

We drove up through Cherokee NC. Not many people know that Frick’s World is of Native American heritage. I asked the locals about my tribe “The Frickachise” (Frick-a-cheese), no one had heard of us, I do recall that we were a small tribe.

The first morning we went hiking/exploring. We started out on the “Quite Walk” trail. Of course I had to honk the horn as we entered the parking lot. We then went to “Laurel Falls” and were greeted with warning signs, so we loaded the kids with sugar and let them run ahead on the trail.

We spent Wednesday at "Dollyworld". "H" rode his first rollercoaster; everything was fine until the first down hill run. I guess it never dawned on “H” that we were going to have to come down off that big hill somehow. The kids managed to drag me to every water ride that was at the park. The designers were thinking when they designed this place, the only exit out is through the gift shop, $28.73 later we were on the tram to the car.

Last night we watched "Celebrate America" at the Governor's Palace Theater. The show took us through a musical tour of all 50 states, then an April Showers water show and finished with a patriotic salute to our military. If you are an atheist, military hating, communist this show is not for you. The show ends with balloons and red, white and blue Mylar streamers falling from the ceiling. As we were leaving “H” had a balloon under each arm and a 20’ Mylar streamer trailing behind him. I said “”H” what are you doing?” This old guy next to me says “He’s celebrating Merica”. That’s right “Merica” no “A” just “Merica”.

"The Wife" and I found a nice little place on the Pigeon Forge strip, we were going to go for the drive through wedding, but we figured that kids in the backseat might be a little hard to explain, maybe not, who knows.
All in all it was a nice relaxing week. I did learn a few things: Walmarts, not matter where they are at are all the same, sharing 1 bathroom with 2 women sucks (women are messy) and if you ever design an amusment park make sure the only way out is through the gift shop.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Tom Makes You Think


So many of us don't work a regular Monday through Friday job these days. So what about Saturday and Sunday? Are they still a time to change gears and slow down?


Is there such a thing as a weekend anymore? Are we all doing what we really want too? Sometimes the weekends are as busy as the work week, Is that what you want? Tom can make you think..................

Gotta Love Dilbert

Friday, April 01, 2005

Maybe It's All The Rain

Maybe that's why I'm so irritable, who knows, who cares.
All I know is the evening I came close to losing my ever loving mind over a ketchup bottle. The whole "Frick's World" gang went out for a little end of the week dinner. My sandwich and fries platter arrived at the table in record time, record time for Gwinnett county on a Friday evening that is. I ask "Goose" to pass the ketchup, I flip open the top (screw off tops are so "80's" Goose tells me) tip the bottle upside down and squeeze the plastic bottle (glass bottles are so "80's" Goose tells me) and nothing comes out, I squeeze again and still nothing comes out. I look at the bottle it looks full, then I look closer and notice that the bottle is made out of red plastic, what a crock, the bottle is empty but since it's made of red plastic it looks full, what marketing genius came up with this idea? Probably the same guy that came up with the purple ketchup idea.
"Hey honey lets sit in this booth for dinner, it's away from the kitchen and look it's got a full bottle of ketchup". You only think it's full "Jack Ball", you might as well put the waitress on standby.
Anyway after a 3 minute tirade I opted for mustard to put on my fries.