Sunday, July 25, 2004

Messy Garage Day

Since my camera is still busted this is a close representation of what our garage looked like this morning. If you have never experienced "messy garage day" it goes something like this......
Open the garage door and remove the cars. Next remove the pile of junk left over from the last "messy garage day". Then remove the 12 pairs of sneaker (Working in the yard sneakers, walking the dog sneakers, workout sneakers, dress sneakers etc.......) Then begin to justify keeping the stuff that is to heavy to move. Honey lets keep the old 100lb microwave you never know when the one in the kitchen is going to break. We found no less that 6 bags of half used fertilizer and potting soil. We kept the old 6 over 6 window that someday will be painted. All four of our coolers are back on the shelf, I don't know why we have four i guess in case of an emergency. Next it was time to address the pile of yard tools, rakes with missing tines, rusted tree pruners, bent shovel and a taped and patched extension cord, they all stayed. Oh yeah I almost forgot we found the 8 water bottles that had been missing from the kitchen. I can hardly wait for "messy basement day"

Friday, July 23, 2004

I case you havn't seen it yet "This Land"

"This Land"
Don't try this on dial up its 3.7 megs. These guys must sleep less than me.

Apple - iTunes

Apple - iTunes
For what ever reason it seems as if I am moving more and more away from Microsoft products. I no longer use Internet Explorer, instead I have been using Mozilla. Download it for free, its got a built in pop blocker and is really good at managing your web passwords.
Now I have gotten away from Windows Media Player and I am now using Apples iTunes. The radio link is great. This maybe my reason for buying the new mini iPod. The only drawback that I see is iTunes lacks all the skins that Media Player has. Its all about the image.................

I almost forgot

CompTIA CDIA Certification
Another reason for no posts in the last few days is because I have been studying for my CDIA+ cert.
I took the test this morning and passed with a 835 out of 900

A little slow in posting

It has been a busy week. I was in Greenville SC until Wednesday. We are done with the first phase of a printer installation that has been going on for the last 9 weeks. If you are ever in Greenville here is where to stay. High speed in every room & wireless in the lobby. Nice workout room and close to downtown.
I am still short on pictures because my camera looks like it really is broken. broken beyond just shaking it 2 or 3 times and it starts working again.
My phone has dumped all of its data twice in the last week. Nothing like having a PDA and phone all in one. I have so much crap (technical jargon for information) on the phone it takes almost an hour to reload it all.
The 2 week summer session at Camp Robinson is over so we get to pick "Goose" up in the morning. I hope that she doesn't bring home a bunch of dirty laundry.
I am working on changing my blogging template. Its going slow since I don't know HTML.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Friday, July 16, 2004

Hey Goose we went to the park: Ronald Reagan Park

Gwinnett County, GA: Ronald Reagan Park
After dinner we jetted off the the new local dog park. Cider didn't/t know whether to scream or eat a banana at the sight of so many dogs. She marked and re-marked and re-re-marked her territory. Goose there is a dog obstacle course, skate park, horseshoe pit, walking trail and a lake. We will visit after Camp Robinson closes.

Ted's Free Lunch
While in Alabama we stopped at Ted's Montana Grill for lunch. Great Bison burgers and I did eat some fries. They had every imaginable sauce (hot, steak & mustard) known to mankind....
Best part is that they took to long to fix our bison so they comp'd our lunch for us, I should have order dessert.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Lady Liberty Fireworks

Lady Liberty Fireworks

A little late for the Forth but still cool

Break from class

CompTIA CDIA Certification - Welcome to CDIA
We are on break from day 2 of CDIA training.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

"Goose" is away for the next two weeks at Camp Robinson. Nestled in the the Bluegrass on hills of Kentucky. She will get to drink lots of "BUG JUICE" as well as participate in "Snipe Hunts".
Her brother is already missing her and yet they fight whenever they are together.
Don't worry Goose your chores will be waiting for you when you get home. Have fun

Friday, July 09, 2004


eBay item 8117405854 (Ends Jul-16-04 12:50:23 PDT) - VINTAGE KENTUCKY TOBACCO WALKING STICK/STICKS
The lady heading up our tobacco walking stick class said that she had heard of these walking sticks going for $120.00 dollars on e-bay. It looks like she was about $110.00 off.

Good To be home

Well after an exhausting drive home, 8 hours, 90 minutes to go 30 miles at one point, we are back at Frick manor. Vacation was great i did not check e-mail or voice mail for 5 days, I am anticipating a monday morning stomach ache.
unka dug went to bed sick last night and guess what, he woke up sick. Most of the family was betting on lyme disease due to his run in with a tick, but my money is on e-coli from touching all the fish he caught.
Boo kitty appears to have gained another 2 or 3 pounds while we were gone. In her excitement at seeing us home see ran head on at full speed into a wall, man cats are great.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

The last full day of vacation

We went by the Kentucky Dam at 8,422’ it is the longest dam on the Tennessee River. They had one of the hydroelectric turbines outside on display it weighs over 100 tons. This dam also has a 600’ lock for the barges to get past the dam. The fishing boats were stacked below the dam; we did not see a single fish caught.
We then went down to land between the lakes. We looked like a scene from the sound of music as we hiked single file around lake hematite. Saw lots of turtles, raccoon tracks and one snake. We picnicked as two deer stood by watching and waiting for food, uncle doug shot a couple of grapes their way. From the deer’s expresions I do not think deer care for grapes. We then drove through the elk and bison prairie. It was like an Americanized Lion Country Safari. We did see big bison and baby bison. They had posted signs as to how dangerous and unpredictable these bison are, but somehow I think these bison know they are for show and not go.
We rented a pontoon boat for part of the afternoon, Uncle Doug and “H” both caught fish, the only thing I caught was the lakes bottom with the anchor.
My battery died in the digital camera and since the neighboring stores have never heard of Kyocera much less knew they made cameras, we are a little shy on pictures. We took some shots with an old school disposable camera so once they get developed we will post them.
Oh yeah I did get some fish after all, rainbow trout for dinner at cracker barrel.

Vacation Is In Full Swing

Kentucky State Parks: Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park
Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park is where we are holed up at. A 3 bedroom cottage, TV's in every room. Spent the day fishing, paddle boats ( I was said to have re-created Pearl Harbor in the lagoon, do not buy in to it). The girls went horse back riding, no Goose you can not have a horse. "H" & I went to craft hour this afternoon and made walking sticks from tobacco stakes. The weather has been nice not to hot and no one is sunburnt yet. Thursday we are going to Land Between the Lakes to look at Bison and see how many ticks we can pick up on our bodies.

Patti's, That Special Place For Dinner

Patti's, That Special Place

We ate at Patti's for dinner. 2" thick pork chops and 5" high deserts. All 8 of us (Approx 1500 lbs) waddled down to the lake to try and walk off our 4000 calorie dinner. If you are ever in Grand River KY this is the place to eat.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

"H" gets this flag at the downtown Forth Of July parade and on the side is stamped "Made In China" What can you say.

Where's Waldo?

Saturday, July 03, 2004

ReeRee & Me

ReeRee is giving a shout out to wittenberg before the race. She left me in dust right after the first mile, no respect for her elders. My shout out is to all the middle aged bald white bandanna wearing alpha males that wish they were pirates..

Last 300 Yards

It appears that I survived... Time of 1:18:35 minus the time I took for a bathroom break.
Note to self next time i undertake an extreme sport like this i need to run outside on the pavement and not all my time running on the treadmill. As i made the turn to come back into downtown i passed the street sweepers going the other way cleaning up all the cups, talk about pressure. I felt good that I did pass a pregnant woman in the last mile.

Friday, July 02, 2004

First Day Of Vacation Photo

We are off on our first day of vacation. Note to all the burglers around my neighborhood, there is no need to break in to our place because we took everything possible in the house with us. I am serious.... the car was barely rolling as we left the driveway.
We arrived at our first stop only to have the power go out for the next 5 hours. It was like being on PBS's Colonial House. The picture above is a family photo, but since the lights were out it was kind of hard too see everyone. The power is restored and we a back to living in 2004.
Looks like we'll be on dial up for a couple of days,
I did find an AP in the neighborhood, they removed the ssid name and set up a wep, we'll see if net stumbler can crack it..