Sunday, July 25, 2004

Messy Garage Day

Since my camera is still busted this is a close representation of what our garage looked like this morning. If you have never experienced "messy garage day" it goes something like this......
Open the garage door and remove the cars. Next remove the pile of junk left over from the last "messy garage day". Then remove the 12 pairs of sneaker (Working in the yard sneakers, walking the dog sneakers, workout sneakers, dress sneakers etc.......) Then begin to justify keeping the stuff that is to heavy to move. Honey lets keep the old 100lb microwave you never know when the one in the kitchen is going to break. We found no less that 6 bags of half used fertilizer and potting soil. We kept the old 6 over 6 window that someday will be painted. All four of our coolers are back on the shelf, I don't know why we have four i guess in case of an emergency. Next it was time to address the pile of yard tools, rakes with missing tines, rusted tree pruners, bent shovel and a taped and patched extension cord, they all stayed. Oh yeah I almost forgot we found the 8 water bottles that had been missing from the kitchen. I can hardly wait for "messy basement day"


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