Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dinner Time

Grandma with some of the Grandkids


Yet Another Life Tip

Car Hits, Kills SC Man 'Relieving Himself' In Road

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ANDERSON, S.C. -- Authorities say a South Carolina man was standing in the middle of a road to relieve himself when
he was fatally struck by a passing car.
Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore tells the Anderson Independent-Mail that 28-year-old Markie Hood died shortly
after he was hit around 1:45 a.m. Wednesday.
Shore said Hood and two friends were driving home after drinking at a Pendleton bar when the driver let Hood and his
friend out on U.S. 76 near Interstate 85 to relieve themselves and drove away.
The second man left the scene after Hood was hit. Shore said he nearly hit that man as he drove to the scene.
Troopers said they have no plans to charge the driver of the passing car. "LINK"

Two life tips in the same week.
This tip is easy "Don't pee in any place that doesn't have a door and don't pee any place that has a traffic light".
Of course you know as well as I do that the key to this article is the phrase "after drinking at a Pendleton bar"

Gas Update

Paid before yesterdays road trip. Remember 3 short years ago "LINK"

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Parents clash over kids' Thanksgiving costumes

by Seema Mehta - Nov. 24, 2008 10:26 PM
Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES - For decades, kindergarten students in Claremont have celebrated Thanksgiving by dressing up as Pilgrims and American Indians and sharing a traditional feast.

But Tuesday, when the youngsters meet for their traditional turkey and songs, they will be stripped of their hand-made paper bonnets, headdresses and fringed vests.

Parents in this quiet university town about 30 miles east of downtown are divided over what these construction-paper symbols represent: A simple child's depiction of the traditional (if not wholly accurate) tale of two factions setting aside differences to give thanks over a shared meal? Or a cartoonish stereotype of a people that would never be allowed of other groups?
"Read More" if you can stomach it........

The pussification of America continues and once again it's parents screwing it up for everyone else. Growing up I was not one of the "better" students - does not apply himself, not working up to his full potential you know the drill.
One thing I vividly remember is during the fall unit we learned of Pilgrims, the Mayflower & Thanksgiving. We usually wrapped all this up with our parents coming in for a performance and a feast. It's how we learned about our history most of it fabricated, but we learned, we participated, we came together.
I'm curious as to how many of these young ones really feel discriminated by not being an Indian or a Pilgrim, I have a feeling that the kids are more excited about getting dressed up, getting out of doing any real school work and then to top it off have a few days without school.

The Perfect Christmas Gift For The Wine Lover

I wonder if it works with USB 1.0
The French think of everything plus they make good fries

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Say It Ain't So.......

It's apparently not entirely self-evident that when your company needs a taxpayer bailout you shouldn't get a "bonus," so money-sucking insurer AIG has written a letter to NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo promising that their top executives will not get bonuses this year.

In the letter, AIG says they are "extremely grateful" for the support they have received from taxpayers, and as their way of showing how "prudently" they are acting, they will not be giving bonuses to their top seven executives. The rest will get bonuses, but won't be getting a raise this year.

They also promise that they are "developing" a way to insure that no taxpayer dollars are used for bonuses for the top 60 executives in the future.

Cuomo reacted favorable to the news, says ABC. "From The Consumerist"

I'm hoping the above will be debunked by "Snopes" but I have a feeling that it won't because as we've seen before "fact is stranger than fiction".

Thanks AIG for promising not to use any taxpayer dollars for executive bonuses & thank you again for not presenting your top 7 executives with any bonuses.

The only thing these folks should be presented with is a "Pink Slip". Unbelievable the executives that should be held accountable still have jobs - with great power comes great responsibility.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Picture Of The Week

Another Life Tip

Nude pics in phone lost at McDonald's get online
2 days ago
FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) — Here's some food for thought: If you have nude photos of your wife on your cell phone, hang onto it. Phillip Sherman of Arkansas learned that lesson after he left his phone behind at a McDonald's restaurant and the photos ended up online. Now he and his wife, Tina, are suing the McDonald's Corp., the franchise owner and the store manager. The suit was filed Friday and seeks a jury trial and $3 million in damages for suffering, embarrassment and the cost of having to move to a new home. The suit says that Phillip Sherman left the phone the Fayetteville store in July and that employees promised to secure it until he returned. Manager Aaron Brummley declined to comment, and other company officials didn't return messages. "LINK"

I can't believe that I have to post this as a life tip but here goes - Unless you have consented to and signed a bunch of legal looking papers do not pose nude for a camera, even if your better half is on the other side of the lens, because at some point (mark my words) it will come back to haunt you.
If you pose naked for a cell phone picture you're a dumb ass and whatever happens to you, you probably deserve.

Oh wait a second I have a feeling that Mr Sherman might be able to walk away from this with a life lesson - "Don't leave your cell phone lying around"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kids Just Don't Understand

Way way way back in the 80's there was a song "Parents Just Don't Understand" done by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince aka.. Will Smith, before he was an actor he was a rapper. Someone needs to update that song and make a "Kids Just Don't Understand" version.....
Yesterday was clean the house day and I drew short straw - clean the upstairs - which actually entails a pre-clean before the actual cleaning can begin.
The pre-clean yesterday consisted of getting all the clothes and other assorted junk off the floor before vacuuming could begin. I take a more tough-love approach to the pre-clean than most others in the house, everything on the floor goes on the bed, in other words I ain't cleaning up their mess.
I didn't hear much complaining until 11:00pm when they got ready for bed and lo' and behold they both discovered that their bed was full of their junk.

How can a girl be so messy? Even the cat is unfazed must mean he's used to it.
I can't believe that "H" has anything left in his closet, but he does.
When it comes to tracking a childs growth most people put a little mark on the doorway molding, not "H" he slaps all of the size stickers from his clothes on his closet doors. Yeah Kids Just Don't Understand......

When The Car Wash Attacks

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rough Day

What do these guys do that make them sleep this much?

Cool Stuff

I'm a pretty big pen freak I've used the same "Montblanc" for close to 20 years. For the money, in my opinion, the "G2's" can't be beat & I always have a handful of "Sharpie Minis" in my computer bag.
Check out this cool highlighter I saw on the "Good Pens" website. From "Kokuyo" you can now highlight till your hearts content.

Here's another thing I've been to numerous technical training classes and in every class there's some propeller head that breaks out a highlighter and highlights everything on the freaking page.

If you highlight everything on the page is anything really highlighted?

Friday, November 21, 2008

View From Here

New Orleans, LA
Marriott Courtyard #314

Fairfield NJ
Crowne Plaza #412

Hotels I've Stayed @

View Larger Map

Thursday, November 20, 2008


It's not just for getting rid of that old bed in the basement, it can apparently be used for finding something to put in that old bed in the basement.

I spent many a summers just outside of Asheville, at "camp", and beleive me if a bunch over testosterone fueled lads ad known this kind of stuff existed just down the road there would have been many more adventures into to town.

ASHEVILLE – Police arrested eight women in a recent series of special operations targeting alleged prostitution on the Craigslist Web site.

Over the last few weeks, officers from the Asheville Police Department and Buncombe County Sheriff's Office have posed as traveling businessmen seeking prostitutes that have posted notices on Craigslist, according to an APD news release. Craigslist is an online network featuring free classified ads for jobs, internships, housing, personals, as well as a section for erotic services.

Police officials said the department has received numerous complaints about these listing, relating to fraud, robbery and prostitution.

Police charged the following women with soliciting for prostitution following the sting: Melissa Sexton Wilson, of Alexander; Dawn Foreman Jones, of Asheville; Lisa Leikos, of Burnsville; Karen Black, of Smyrna, Ga.; Amanda Smith, of Asheville; and Shelly Sluder, of Asheville, who also was charged with drug possession.

Police also charged Audra Leigh Bradley, of Black Mountain, with practicing massage without a license; and Emily Denise Miller, of Asheville, with practicing massage and adult entertainment without a license and a city ordinance violation. "LINK"

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 - Big Three Auto Execs Flew in Luxury Jets to Seek Multibillion-Dollar Bailout - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News - Big Three Auto Execs Flew in Luxury Jets to Seek Multibillion-Dollar Bailout - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News

The CEOs of the Big Three automakers reportedly flew private luxury jets to Washington to plead for a $25 billion taxpayer bailout to save their debt-ridden industry — ringing up tens of thousands in charges even as they cried poverty.

You're kidding right, please someone tell me this ain't true. These guys should have all flown coach, been forced to board in Zone 6 & sit next to a screaming toddler.
Have these asses never attended a single basic sales seminar. You don't show up trying to close Pepsi Co. and when asked what would you like to drink, reply "I'd like a Coke please". Sales 101 and always remember "Coffee is for closers"
Get your shirt "HERE"

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Few More Signs

Chowed down on pizza @ "Lombardi's" this evening and actually learned a few things.

How true, how true.
I was afraid to ask what this meant.

Good Sign - Bad Sign I'm Not Sure

As I go to get in my rental this morning what do I spot on the ground in the spot next to mine but a knife. It looked like a steak knife not a murder weapon type knife which is good and it looked clean which is a really good sign. I did not dust it for prints or call CSI, I just assumed that it was the Chamber of Commerce welcoming me to town.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

ShirtADay - Past Shirt - Gobble Gobble

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I gotta have one

The Thanksgiving Day Guest

Meet my pilgrim friend Caleb J. Lest and he has a poem.

I'm Kentucky Colonel Caleb J. Lest
Soon to become someones unwanted Thanksgiving Day guest.

Many years ago I arrived on Plymouth's rocky shore
Looking for company I went door to door

After dining with Indians I laid down for a rest
Before starting my journey out yonder West

Through Bridgeport, Allentown & Charleston I ventured
Never wanting to stray, no desire to become indentured

As my journey lengthened my hearty horse grew tired
I settled in the land of the blue grass as I no longer was ired

I got a promotion, a Kentucky Colonel indeed
I let go my reins and retired my worn steed

I now wear my buckled hat only one day per year
To protect the community table, you shall have no fear

At the home where I land I must be displayed
On the Thanksgiving Day table this must be obeyed

Concert Time

It's very rare that I'm home during the week and even rarer that I get to catch one of "H"'s concerts. Well this week the planets aligned and I got the chance to see his 8th grades Veterans Day concerts. It is amazing the progress these kids have made over the last 3 years.

You know you're cool when your instrument is taller than you are.

The 7th & 8th grade Jazz band playing the theme from "Peter Gunn".

They finished the show with an Armed Forces medley. The good thing about your kid playing the "Contra Bass Clarinet" is that you can pick him out in a crowd.

View From Here

Nashville, TN
Springhill Suites #121

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

McDonald's same-store sales rise 8.2 percent
NEW YORK (AP) — Consumers worldwide who are watching their spending bought more burgers and chicken breakfast biscuits at McDonald's in October, leading to a big rise in sales at established locations for the fast-food leader.
McDonald's Corp. said Monday its global same-store sales jumped 8.2 percent during the month. That beat the company's own prediction for a rise similar to the one it recorded in its last quarter, when same-store sales, or sales at locations open at least a year, jumped 7.1 percent worldwide.
The results were a bright spot in what was a dismal month for most restaurant operators. Many sit-down chains have reported steep declines in same-store sales during October as consumers grew more anxious about the possibility of a prolonged recession.
But U.S. consumers kept spending at McDonald's, even as Congress passed a bill to bail out the economy and credit markets froze. "Read More"

It costs money to eat healthy (really) and fast food makes you full (carbs & grease baby) and then throw in the "Dollar Menu" and you have a combo meal suited for double digit growth.

Next thing you know they'll start charging for "water"

Gas Price Update

Saw it tonight, with my own eyes

How To Tell When

you've left Georgia and entered Tennessee?


Monday, November 10, 2008

Maybe On The Interweb A Bit Much

"Click Image For Biggie Size"

Thanks goodness for "RSS Feeds" and "Google Reader" shortcuts.

Standard Fricks World Picture (Again)

North bound I-24

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Stuff Like This Usually Happens In Florida

FBI: Airline passenger restrained with duct tape

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — An airline crew used duct tape to keep a passenger in her seat because they say she became unruly, fighting flight attendants and grabbing other passengers, forcing the flight to land in North Carolina.

Maria Esther Castillo of Oswego, N.Y., is due in court Thursday, charged with resisting arrest and interfering with the operations of a flight crew aboard United Airlines Flight 645, from Puerto Rico to Chicago.

Castillo, 45, struck a flight attendant on the buttocks with the back of her hand during Saturday's flight, FBI Special Agent Peter Carricato said in a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Charlotte. She also stood and fell onto the head of a blind passenger and later started pulling the person's hair, the complaint stated.

Ankle cuffs kept slipping off Castillo, so the flight crew and two passengers were forced to use duct tape to keep her in her seat, the complaint states.

"Read More"

Usually when I read about whackado stuff I immediately think "this had to of happened in Florida" but in this case as soon as I saw that duct tape was involved I knew that Florida was to far south. You just have to know that it was a Southern flight crew on board.

So apparently Maria was flying higher than the plane, but to me the most troubling part of the story is "Why in the hell is an airplane flying around with a roll of duct tape?"

I bet Maria won't need to have her ankles waxed for a long long time..................

A Few Free Minutes

You are Galaga. You have an unnatural fear of bees and butterflies.  You often return from defeat twice as powerful as you were before. PEW-PEW!
Which Classic Arcade Game Are You?

That was my favorite game

Problem Solved

I have received the e-mail below from no less than 6 people in the last 2 days, "DP" gets credit for being the fastest on the SEND button.

Dear Fellow Business Owners,

As a Business owner who employs 30 people, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barack Obama, will be our next President, and that my Taxes and Fees, will go up in a BIG way.

To compensate for these increases, I figure, that the Customer, will have to see an increase in my prices to them of about 10%. I will also have to lay off 6 of my employees.

This really bothered me as I believe we are family here and didn't know how to choose who will have to go. So, this is what I did. I strolled thru the parking lot and found 8 Obama bumper stickers on my employees' cars. I have decided these folks will be the first to be laid off since they knowingly approved of these changes in tax law and the resulting consequences affecting our business and their jobs.

I can't think of another fair way to approach this problem. If you have a better idea, let me know.

I'm sending this letter to all the Business owners that I know.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

View From Here

Lexington, SC
Hampton Inn #208

Matthews, NC
Hampton Inn #506

Monroe, NC
Hampton Inn #320

View Larger Map

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Real Estate Market Is Making A Turn

Even after you see the pictures, then see the house in person you will still not believe what you saw! The “Subterranean Fortress” in an eighth wonder of the world in engineering. Now you have the opportunity to own one of the most amazing homes ever seen. This house is not a 30-year-old house, but a house that has been being built for 30 years! Come and see the difference! Come see why the "History Channel" featured this house, and why the producers of the show, "Secret Passages of the Cold War" called this house the best civilian made bomb shelter in North America!"
"House Link" "Fortress Link"

Talk about being able to avoid the in laws, this is the place to do it in....... and with the slump in the real estate market this is an absolute deal. Plus you'll be close to Canada and everyone knows that they have the best bacon around.

Its The Mugshot Round Up

The "Gwinnett County Mugshots" page can certainly brighten up a bleak and dreary Tuesday morning. Looks like there are a few Halloween left overs.

I always figured that it would be the dwarfs causing all the problems.
I can only imagine the explanation behind this costume
Spiderman, Spiderman,
Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies
Look Out!
Here comes the Spiderman.
Heeee Heeee Heeee

Tis The Season

"CC" has already started decorating for Christmas, somehow I figured he'd be using beer cans instead of Mt. Dew cans. He called it "Redneck" I call it "Do It Yourself"

Sunday, November 02, 2008

What's Missing In Kentucky?

Yuengling beer is what's missing my friends. During the last few weeks they've been shipping this liquid gold into Georgia, but somehow they've overlooked the Bluegrass sister of ours KENTUCKY.

Someone has been industrious and has put together "Bring Yuengling To Kentucky".

Why Not the Best Brew in the Bluegrass State?

A great domestic beer Yuengling, brewed since 1829, is NOT sold in Kentucky. As a loyal Yuengling consumer, I am starting a drive to add Kentucky to the list of 12 states now part of the Yuengling distribution territory. Kentucky has states to the east (Virginia) and to the south (Tennessee) that currently sell Yuengling. Georgia was just added at the end of October 2008. It make take a while to convince the Yuengling family to expand to another state, however let's be patient, but persistent. The drive is on!
Visit the official Yuengling site to read the history and seven fine beers currently produced by this family owned brewery.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Someone That Gets It

Last week I wrote about "Your brand is not your logo" and I used "No Fear" as an example of a logo/brand what do they really sell, blah, blah.......... On a whim I went to their site and requested some of their "FREE" stickers never expecting to see anything, lo and behold what shows up in the mail today but my free stickers. So for the cost 3 stickers, some postage and staying true to their promise to hook me up with some free stickers they've got another chump pimping their logo/brand that has not bought any of their goods. So who really gets it me or them?

The Kids Just Rolled Back In

Both of them lacking sleep, needless to say it's wonderful around here this afternoon.

"Goose" and her friends decided to recreate one of the scenes from "Thriller"

While "H" was more concerned with scoring as much candy as possible, my guesstimate is around 4 lbs which equates to 1 cavity, 12-15 hours of elevated sugar levels and numerous candy wrapper strewn throughout the house.

The group contained a Buddha, Zombie Cheerleader, Go-Go Dancer, Jack Sparrow, Dragon, Audrey Hepburn & Mr. Viking.