Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Parents clash over kids' Thanksgiving costumes

by Seema Mehta - Nov. 24, 2008 10:26 PM
Los Angeles Times

LOS ANGELES - For decades, kindergarten students in Claremont have celebrated Thanksgiving by dressing up as Pilgrims and American Indians and sharing a traditional feast.

But Tuesday, when the youngsters meet for their traditional turkey and songs, they will be stripped of their hand-made paper bonnets, headdresses and fringed vests.

Parents in this quiet university town about 30 miles east of downtown are divided over what these construction-paper symbols represent: A simple child's depiction of the traditional (if not wholly accurate) tale of two factions setting aside differences to give thanks over a shared meal? Or a cartoonish stereotype of a people that would never be allowed of other groups?
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The pussification of America continues and once again it's parents screwing it up for everyone else. Growing up I was not one of the "better" students - does not apply himself, not working up to his full potential you know the drill.
One thing I vividly remember is during the fall unit we learned of Pilgrims, the Mayflower & Thanksgiving. We usually wrapped all this up with our parents coming in for a performance and a feast. It's how we learned about our history most of it fabricated, but we learned, we participated, we came together.
I'm curious as to how many of these young ones really feel discriminated by not being an Indian or a Pilgrim, I have a feeling that the kids are more excited about getting dressed up, getting out of doing any real school work and then to top it off have a few days without school.

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