Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Working In The Yard (UPDATE)

This just in.
"The Wife" claims that I am in this picture, somewhere. Now if this was a video file you would for sure be able to tell if I am in it, because I was getting stuck, poked & prodded by those damn bushes and if you couldn't see me you would at least be able to hear me.
(Click Picture For Biggie Size)
It seems that the bird nest we found holds life. During the annual Memorial Day Badminton Tournament we took a look in the nest and lo and behold there is this fuzzy pink specimen of life that only a mother could love. Hopefully the remaining will hatch as well.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pictures From The Field

"AD" sent me this cell phone picture of the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile that he saw during his weekly travels. I knew of the "Wienermobile" but one of the missing joys of my life is never to have had the chance to see the automotive legand. I guess "AD" is one up on me, but I have seen a three legged goat.
There is even a "Wienermoblie" web site where get this you can apply for a job. E-Mail them your resume at hotdogger@kraft.com.
Now there are just way too may jokes that I could insert but just remember
"Practice safe lunch, use a condiment" for your wiener, I mean hotdog.

Working In The Yard

We spent the day working (and I mean working) in the yard. The focus was hedge trimming, you see the previous owner of Frick Manor was retired and had plenty of time for yard work. Either that of he hated spending time with his wife. So with the smell of unleaded fuel and 2 cycle oil filling the yard, no make that the neighborhood we busted our humps.

The "Hydrangeas" are already blooming.

The "Shasta Daisy" should be next to bloom followed by the "Cannis". If you look towards the back of the picture you can see a couple of "Elephant Ears" that were dug up and abandoned at the office last fall and they even seem happy in their new home.

While cutting the hedges I came across a Robin's nest, still with the eggs in it. You know no matter how old you are it seems that whenever someone finds a birds nest you always have to stop what your doing and go and check it out, I think the same holds true with puppies and babies.
Well the yard is in shape for the annual "Frick's World" Memorial Day picnic and badminton tournament.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Can You Sing With A Foot In Your Mouth?

OK, I'm not much of a political blogger. Other than a short reminder that's election day I don't go into what or who I endorse and why you should feel the way that I do. Besides what do you care.

But damn those Dixie Chicks. I like their music "Goodbye Earl" was an absolute hoot. Then somehow they got the idea that if people liked their music that people would most certainly like to hear their opinions on oh lets see world events, politics and the like. Guess what "Chicks" you were wrong and you were thrown off of the play ground. Now a few years later you were allowed back on the play ground and guess what you once again kicked sand in the face of the little fat kid. You just don't learn, maybe you have enough cash and you just don't care. Look make some music, you all are obviously good at it. People want to give you all money just to hear your music, pretty simple (damn good job if you can get it). Then if you are still bored after counting all that money then maybe you could start a web site and then update it when you have thoughts, feeling (I just love that word) or ideas, kind of like an on-line diary. I think they are called, what's that word Hmmmmmm oh yeah, they are called "Blogs" and sometime you can even find one that is free.

Ignore all that stuff above the main reason for this post is that I really liked this picture and wanted to share it with you.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

An Old One But Still A Funny One

I still chuckle everytime someone uses the old ID10T error. "Link"

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

"The Wife" lending a hand oops I mean foot.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Goose Got Her Moneys Worth, I Think

"Goose" came home with her first High School Yearbook. It is a whopping 7lb (she weighed it). Tome. I opened it up expecting to see signatures from all her friends or pages scribbled with "Saved For So And So". But nothing so I ask "What gives, no signatures" "Goose" replies the yearbook to heavy to carry around so everyone just shoved them in their locker.
I just could not believe the thickness and weight of this yearbook. I was so amazed that I had to go and get mine and "The Wife's" senior yearbook and I must say that "Gooses" yearbook put ours to shame. The content was absolutely amazing. The tools available to the youth of today that lets them be so creative is again absolutely amazing.
When we graduated there was a computer club, which I think had a single Apple III (and the club members drooled a lot), "Gooses" schools computer club produced CD's filled with electronic music that they wrote, played and recorded themselves.
A few observations from "Gooses" 7lb Tome....
Students look much older today than they did when we graduated.
Every graduating class still contains one long haired hippie type dude.
There will always be High school males that will make attempts to grow facial hair, the key word is attempts.
The football coaches look the same today as they did 24 years ago.
There is still a group of High School "Rednecks"
Every graduating class contains someone that resembles "Napoleon Dynamite"
and you can still pick out the nerds...................

Friday, May 19, 2006

Memphis TN

If you have ever spent any time in the Memphis airport you quickly realize that there's a bunch of Fed Ex planes arriving and leaving. Here's a Google Video showing Fed Ex air traffic as a storm approaches. Remember it's the internet so this have to be true.

Thanks to "HotelCoffee"for the link.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Grandma's Almost 81 And She's Getting Ink Done

Great-grandma tattoos "DO NOT RESUSCITATE" on her chest Woman hopes tattoo sparks discussions about health crises REGISTER STAFF WRITER May 16, 2006

Decorah, Ia. — Eighty-year-old Mary Wohlford has informed family members of her wishes should she ever become incapacitated. She also has signed a living will that hangs on the side of her refrigerator. But the retired nurse and great-grandmother now believes she has removed all potential for confusion. She had the words "DO NOT RESUSCITATE" tattooed on her chest.

This has got to be cheaper than hiring a lawyer. Just think you could tattoo your entire will on your body, if you are fat enough.
I am thinking of inking a few of my funeral wishes across my chest:
"This Side Up"
"Do Not Remove My Gold Fillings"

Now I'm sure tattooing and 80 year old woman just had to make the artists day, probably that guys whole year. This has to be safer than inking the name of your husband or wife on your body.
Now I'm sure that God forbid something happens to this poor women and the hospital crew spies this bit of literary work on her chest there will still be a group of people protesting to keep this woman alive by whatever means is possible.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I'm Confused

A fast rate of return
With half of today's gadgets brought back to stores in perfect working order, manufacturers are aiming to simplify.
By Gregory M. Lamb | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
Trudy Schuett's top-of-the-line car stereo is so complicated that she hasn't figured out how to change the radio station.
She only learned how to work the CD player when her minister, riding in the passenger seat, started pushing buttons and stumbled on
the right combination. And forget setting the car clock - she has more important things to do than pull out the owner's manual
and hunt for the instructions. She also has an MP3 player she doesn't use, and a digital camera that sits mostly idle because she
has to relearn how it works each time she wants to use it.

Interesting article. Why are things so damn complicated? Yes, these products offer many great advantages but why are they so user un-friendly? People generally don't read the manual, and if you put the manual on a CD no one will ever read it, believe me.

So, this article started me thinking
Since I spend a fair amount of time on the road I'm exposed to a wide variety of different consumer products and some are just too damn confusing to try and operate.
At "Hampton Inn" every room has the exact same alarm clock which you can set with 2 or 3 button pushes. Now I'm sure that Hampton Inn spent a ton of money doing research and holding focus groups on what is the easiest alarm clock for their customers to use. (Customer, see that's who the audience is, it's not the project manager, CFO, marketing manager etc.) I would imagine that it's paid off for Hampton Inn, now of course no one is going to choose a hotel based on an alarm clock but I would believe that the front desk has had a decrease in phone calls asking "How do I set the alarm?" and I would also believe that fewer people have over slept due to an incorrectly set alarm clock.
Why are marketing people so concerned with everything being an experience. When you go to Starbucks it's designed to be an experience. For crying out loud I'm paying close to $5.00 for a cup of coffee isn't that enough of an experience? Know why McDonalds is such a huge success it's because it's consistent. They are all the same, by design, and it works.

Now of course the bigger question is "What am I doing reading The Christian Monitor?"

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Geek Alert Geek Alert

Freeware of the week. Wanting to know what apps are running on what ports download "CurrPorts" it's free and it'll run off a USB stick, nothing to load.
Matter of fact here's a list of apps that will run from a USB stick "LINK"

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Who Makes These Rules

I'm having to make some flight reservations for "Goose" so that she can enjoy the summer as any 16 year old has the right to. I'm sticking her on a "Southwest" flight to, it doesn't matter where she's going just that she's going. Now while "Goose" can drive she's not old enough to vote and definitely not old enough to drink so is she an adult? Well according to Southwest she's an adult as a matter of fact according to Southwest if you are over the age of 2 your an adult, that is until you scan your eyes to the right an inch or so and see "Children under 12 traveling alone" huh, what, hold on just an inch before she was an adult. So are they adults or are they children? What's going on, I'm confused.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Is This Celebrate Your Family Week?

"A family tradition: yet another Kennedy has trouble on the road "
There are few things worse than being born into this family.
Now lets see first thing I'll do is blame someone or something else other than myself Hmmmmmm lets see "Yeah Ambien has been in the news for causing unexplained behavior I'll blame that" plus" I've been in rehab in the past and oh, yeah I've been diagnosed as bipolar" see there's no way I'm responsible for my own actions..........
Maybe the Kennedy's just plain suck at driving.
and by the way I'm sure this has secured his re-election.

"Police: Pot With Mom Was Boy's Homework Reward"
If your reward your kid with dope just for doing his homework what do you give him for a graduation gift?
I bet homework starts at 4:20 each afternoon.

Family Booted From Buffet For Wasting Too Much Food
You go now you throw away too much.
With Mother's Day coming up I know where I'm not taking "The Wife" for dinner.
This family has the perfect start of a law suit. Once they get fat (if they aren't already) and are laden with heart disease and such they can sue the restaurant for forcing them to eat everything on their plate.

Click here for "Send My Niece To Kenya" Please...............

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Who Designs Hotel Rooms? PART TWO

Another night another hotel room and why do I have two TV's in my room?

Click here for "Send My Niece To Kenya" Please...............

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Who Designs Hotel Rooms?

and why the hell did they put a phone in my bathroom. I've got a cell phone, you've got a cell phone, for crying out loud most 12 year olds have a cell phone we don't need extra phone cluttering up the planet. In most cases I'm within 5 feet of my cell phone that most people seem to have the number for.
I sat on that toilet in the picture for 20 minutes and guess what no one called me, you know why? Because no one I know has the number for that phone.

It's not like I'm going to be relaxing in my hotel bed and all of a sudden decide that I need to make a call.
Do I:
A) Roll over and grab the phone off the bedside table
B) Get up out of my comfortable warm bed walk into the bathroom sit down on the nice cold & hard seat grab the phone and say "Sarah, get me Andy at the jail".

And why do I have a hot-tub in my room, awe hell never mind.

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