Saturday, May 06, 2006

Is This Celebrate Your Family Week?

"A family tradition: yet another Kennedy has trouble on the road "
There are few things worse than being born into this family.
Now lets see first thing I'll do is blame someone or something else other than myself Hmmmmmm lets see "Yeah Ambien has been in the news for causing unexplained behavior I'll blame that" plus" I've been in rehab in the past and oh, yeah I've been diagnosed as bipolar" see there's no way I'm responsible for my own actions..........
Maybe the Kennedy's just plain suck at driving.
and by the way I'm sure this has secured his re-election.

"Police: Pot With Mom Was Boy's Homework Reward"
If your reward your kid with dope just for doing his homework what do you give him for a graduation gift?
I bet homework starts at 4:20 each afternoon.

Family Booted From Buffet For Wasting Too Much Food
You go now you throw away too much.
With Mother's Day coming up I know where I'm not taking "The Wife" for dinner.
This family has the perfect start of a law suit. Once they get fat (if they aren't already) and are laden with heart disease and such they can sue the restaurant for forcing them to eat everything on their plate.

Click here for "Send My Niece To Kenya" Please...............

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