Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Can You Sing With A Foot In Your Mouth?

OK, I'm not much of a political blogger. Other than a short reminder that's election day I don't go into what or who I endorse and why you should feel the way that I do. Besides what do you care.

But damn those Dixie Chicks. I like their music "Goodbye Earl" was an absolute hoot. Then somehow they got the idea that if people liked their music that people would most certainly like to hear their opinions on oh lets see world events, politics and the like. Guess what "Chicks" you were wrong and you were thrown off of the play ground. Now a few years later you were allowed back on the play ground and guess what you once again kicked sand in the face of the little fat kid. You just don't learn, maybe you have enough cash and you just don't care. Look make some music, you all are obviously good at it. People want to give you all money just to hear your music, pretty simple (damn good job if you can get it). Then if you are still bored after counting all that money then maybe you could start a web site and then update it when you have thoughts, feeling (I just love that word) or ideas, kind of like an on-line diary. I think they are called, what's that word Hmmmmmm oh yeah, they are called "Blogs" and sometime you can even find one that is free.

Ignore all that stuff above the main reason for this post is that I really liked this picture and wanted to share it with you.

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