Saturday, May 20, 2006

Goose Got Her Moneys Worth, I Think

"Goose" came home with her first High School Yearbook. It is a whopping 7lb (she weighed it). Tome. I opened it up expecting to see signatures from all her friends or pages scribbled with "Saved For So And So". But nothing so I ask "What gives, no signatures" "Goose" replies the yearbook to heavy to carry around so everyone just shoved them in their locker.
I just could not believe the thickness and weight of this yearbook. I was so amazed that I had to go and get mine and "The Wife's" senior yearbook and I must say that "Gooses" yearbook put ours to shame. The content was absolutely amazing. The tools available to the youth of today that lets them be so creative is again absolutely amazing.
When we graduated there was a computer club, which I think had a single Apple III (and the club members drooled a lot), "Gooses" schools computer club produced CD's filled with electronic music that they wrote, played and recorded themselves.
A few observations from "Gooses" 7lb Tome....
Students look much older today than they did when we graduated.
Every graduating class still contains one long haired hippie type dude.
There will always be High school males that will make attempts to grow facial hair, the key word is attempts.
The football coaches look the same today as they did 24 years ago.
There is still a group of High School "Rednecks"
Every graduating class contains someone that resembles "Napoleon Dynamite"
and you can still pick out the nerds...................

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