Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Christmas Gift Showed Up, Finally

I got me a "Glute Ham Raise" machine so now I can have "Buns Of Steel". I am very excited.
I even managed to put it together without cussing, I'd have to say it was a good day.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Another Tip For Hotel Tycoons

or maybe my rant for the weekWhen I check into a hotel room I really don't need all these little placards, notes etc......
I understand that you are glad I'm here. I know you are welcoming me back. I know which pillows are firm and soft because you have them stitched into the pillow cases plus my head can tell the difference. I know that your free breakfast begins at 6:00 am because your desk clerk told me that just 2 minutes ago. The only note that is of great importance to me is the TV channel guide and if that's missing I can usually figure out the stations in about 5 minutes.
I am sure that you must spend a fortune printing and re-printing these things cause I just know that most people wad them up and throw them out.

View From Here

Matthews NC
Hampton Inn #413

Lexington SC
Holiday Inn Express #229

Mountain Brook AL
Hampton Inn #429

Friday, January 26, 2007

"NH" sent this over and it's funny, enjoy.

"NH" sent this over and it's funny, enjoy.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Money Tip

I saw this on "Youheardithere" and decided to borrow it. Hey give yourself a $10,000 raise this year.
  • Soft drinks: 1/day @ $1 = $356 year
  • Candy bar/chips: 1/day @ $.60 = $219 year
  • Concert tickets: 6/year @ $75 = $450
  • Magazine: 1/week @$3.50 = $182
  • Cigarettes (plus tax): 1 pack/day @ $4.75 = $1,733.75
  • Tank of gas: 1/week @ $40 = $2,080
  • Music CD: 1/month @ $17 = $204
  • Lottery tickets: 2/week @ $2 = 208
  • Fast-food lunches: 5/week @ $8 = $2,080
  • Name-brand tennis shoes: 2 pair/year @ $125 = $250
  • Specialty coffee: 1/day @ $3.50 = $1,277.50
  • Video rentals: 2/week @ $5 = $520


Source: University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What The

I was doing my "Front Squats" the other night and guess what shows up the next morning?
Either the squats were the culprit or the housekeeping staff broke into my room and frogged me.
The best part is that I've got a matching one on the other arm.
The next best thing is my crappy camera managed to capture every hair on my arm.

Friday, January 19, 2007

What A Week

Michael Vick come on how stupid can one person be? Lets see you get paid MILLIONS of dollars, you've flipped off the people that help to pay your salary and now you think you're so special that the TSA is going to let you bring your water bottle through security. I just bet it was a great first meeting with your new boss.
"Well Coach I guess you're right I am a total dumb ass". All these celebrities have all this money if you must partake think about paying someone $20 or $30k a year to tote your dope around. Plenty of links to read up about Mr. Vick "LINK" and in case you want your own secret water bottle try this "LINK"

There are few thing worse that a pissed off 9 year old, that knows how steal a car and make two flight connections before getting busted. His Mom seems to think that video games helped him with the whole "How do I drive this car" part of the scenario.
I am willing to bet that this little delinquent managed an upgrade on at least one of those flights. Hey TSA thanks for protecting us, well at least they managed to find Michael Vicks special herb water bottle. "LINK"

I have often heard that the difference between the trash and girls from New Jersey is at least the trash gets taken out. The trash and Miss New Jersey that is. You know the whole Miss America, Miss USA thing seems to have lost some of it's luster some of it's status could it be because Burt Parks has retired, who knows. I do love the scandals first Tara Conner gets a second chance then we get to see pictures of Miss Nevada going through her BUG phase (Bi-Sexual Until Graduation) and now for the hat trick we got us a pregnant one. These pageant girls appear to have more fun than their predecessors I must say.

In case you haven't heard Lohan has checked herself into rehab, imagine that. Do your own Google search and make your own jokes this is to easy of a target. "LINK"

My Run In With The Latest Winter Storm

I missed the winter storm that ran through the southeast this week by approximately 30 miles. All I saw was a few icicles.

Some Things You Just Need A Picture Of

And one of those things would a 6o foot tall sombrero. "South Of The Border" just reminds me of one of those road side tourist traps that you'd come across in the Nevada desert back in the early 70's. Mom, Dad the kids all loaded up in the "Vista Cruiser" all set for summer vacation, it doesn't get any better than that.

View From Here

Clinton NC
Comfort Inn #225

No Helmet Needed

"DP" sent me some pictures from his last family vacation, I do wonder why they were wearing helmets.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rules, Rules, Rules

As with all good "Road Warriors" I spent sometime in the hotel's fitness center last night (it is the New Year after all). Hotel fitness centers range from being stocked with one 7lb dumbbell and a 9 year old treadmill to some places that just say screw it and strike a deal with the local Y.M.C.A or Golds Gym. One of the advantages of having a set territory is you learn what hotels have the best fitness centers and you end up frequenting them. Well for whatever reason my Montgomery Marriott property was sold out (Membership does not always have its privileges) so I ended up at the neighboring Hilton property with their on-site fitness center.
Not bad, several pieces for cardio and a nice Nautilus machine.
Check out the Fitness Center "RULES" sign, No Drinking, posted right behind the water cooler.
Nothing scares fellow travelers more than when someone they don't know pulls out a camera and starts taking pictures.
The one nice thing about working out last night was that it allowed me to feast on a countrified Southern lunch at "Martin's". If your ever on the edge of downtown Montgomery check it out.

View From Here

Montgomery AL
Hampton Garden Inn #305

Sunday, January 07, 2007

It Is Still January Isn't It?

Then someone needs to explain to me why my daffodils are already peaking
through the pine straw complete with buds.
Plus my neighborhood looking like a scene from Sleepy Hollow.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Hey Zero Carbs

I ate lunch at "Ruby Tuesday" yesterday where one of my lunch companions ordered the colossal burger. What is a colossal burger you ask? Imagine buying enough ground beef for your family of 6 to each have a hamburger for dinner. Now take that pile of bovine goodness divide in half and form 2 giant-ass patties. Open a 12lb bag of charcoal dump the entire contents into your grill, apply fire and cook for at least 25 minutes. To serve, find a hubcap from a 1972 Skylark flip it over and you have an appropriate platter, add 8oz of cheese and a whole onion. Now find someone to help you carry this monstrosity to the table. The best part is you can order it with fries or a salad. A salad if I'm in for a dime I'm in for a dollar.

This single burger covers just about all of your nutritional needs in one meal, oh not quite there's no carbohydrates, damn there goes my diet. "LINK"

Look at the fat, Look at the fat, Look at the fat

You Just Gotta Love Gwinnett County

Accused Country Club Call Girls Out Of Jail

POSTED: 5:43 am EST January 4, 2007 UPDATED: 9:01 am EST January 5, 2007

DULUTH, Ga. -- The two women police say were charging up to $10,000 for sex were released from the Gwinnett County Jail Thursday night. Forty-two-year-old Lisa Ann Taylor was arrested yesterday at her million-dollar home in the exclusive Sugarloaf Country Club area. District Attorney Danny Porter says she was charged with violating the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt
Organizations Act, also known as RICO. "LINK"

When the going gets weird, the weird turn into prostitutes.

I’m not exactly sure what “high-end” acts of prostitution are and how they can possibly cost $10,000.00 but I have a feeling that the soundtrack for the whole event would be Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”.

My take on how these ladies got busted is this – Some soccer/tennis Mom found out that her hubby was dropping thousands (and I mean thousands) of dollars on these ladies (and not on her) and decided to place a phone call to the local authorities.

Ten grand a shot you are talking about some major players with major cash that may just live in the neighborhood. “Honey, I’m going across the street to help that nice single lady hang up some pictures”.

I wonder last night in that prestigious Sugarloaf Country Club if over dinner several husbands said to their wives “Honey, we need to move, and fast”.

I understand that nobody’s mug shot is all that great but these two, doubtfully worth $10,000.00

This Still Makes Me Laugh

No matter how many times I take one of these pictures I still laugh

View From Here

Hickory North Carolina
Hampton Inn #412

Did Ya Know

Hey in case you didn’t know it’s a new year, it’s January. You know how I know? Because everyone is back to using the hotel treadmills, I can’t wait until February.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dress For Sucess

Over the holidays we had relatives in for a visit. The girls abandoned us for one of their predefined missions. So my brother-in-law and I took off for technology Friday at "Fry's" followed by a trip into "K&G" to see what the latest male fashion trends are. After shopping for awhile and seeing some ugly (I mean ugly) suits, my brother-in-law busts loose with the days fashion tip "Never buy a suit whose name ends with an O". Not just any vowel but specifically an O....

I Guess I'm Just Cheap

The family unit decided to take in a movie yesterday. The girls watched "Dreamgirls" while the men opted for "Rocky Balboa".

The cost 7.50 per ticket $30.00
(3) sodas 4.00 $ 12.00
(2) Popcorns $ 7.00
Skittles $ 4.00
Total $ 53.00
This would be the reason we normally rent movies, I could have attended a "Gladiators" game for less.
First I could never afford getting divorce "Eddy I want half" but if I survived that I would never be able to afford to go on another date. Now if I could just get "Goose" a boyfriend to pick up her piece, of course that would be a boyfriend without all that holding hands crap and stuff.
Rocky was OK. Stallone is in damn good shape for his age.