Friday, January 05, 2007

Hey Zero Carbs

I ate lunch at "Ruby Tuesday" yesterday where one of my lunch companions ordered the colossal burger. What is a colossal burger you ask? Imagine buying enough ground beef for your family of 6 to each have a hamburger for dinner. Now take that pile of bovine goodness divide in half and form 2 giant-ass patties. Open a 12lb bag of charcoal dump the entire contents into your grill, apply fire and cook for at least 25 minutes. To serve, find a hubcap from a 1972 Skylark flip it over and you have an appropriate platter, add 8oz of cheese and a whole onion. Now find someone to help you carry this monstrosity to the table. The best part is you can order it with fries or a salad. A salad if I'm in for a dime I'm in for a dollar.

This single burger covers just about all of your nutritional needs in one meal, oh not quite there's no carbohydrates, damn there goes my diet. "LINK"

Look at the fat, Look at the fat, Look at the fat


Smurfie said...

Wonder what's for desert after that lot.

Frick said...

Smurfie, this guy ate all the French fries, two sodas and at least 5 servings of ketchup.