Friday, January 19, 2007

What A Week

Michael Vick come on how stupid can one person be? Lets see you get paid MILLIONS of dollars, you've flipped off the people that help to pay your salary and now you think you're so special that the TSA is going to let you bring your water bottle through security. I just bet it was a great first meeting with your new boss.
"Well Coach I guess you're right I am a total dumb ass". All these celebrities have all this money if you must partake think about paying someone $20 or $30k a year to tote your dope around. Plenty of links to read up about Mr. Vick "LINK" and in case you want your own secret water bottle try this "LINK"

There are few thing worse that a pissed off 9 year old, that knows how steal a car and make two flight connections before getting busted. His Mom seems to think that video games helped him with the whole "How do I drive this car" part of the scenario.
I am willing to bet that this little delinquent managed an upgrade on at least one of those flights. Hey TSA thanks for protecting us, well at least they managed to find Michael Vicks special herb water bottle. "LINK"

I have often heard that the difference between the trash and girls from New Jersey is at least the trash gets taken out. The trash and Miss New Jersey that is. You know the whole Miss America, Miss USA thing seems to have lost some of it's luster some of it's status could it be because Burt Parks has retired, who knows. I do love the scandals first Tara Conner gets a second chance then we get to see pictures of Miss Nevada going through her BUG phase (Bi-Sexual Until Graduation) and now for the hat trick we got us a pregnant one. These pageant girls appear to have more fun than their predecessors I must say.

In case you haven't heard Lohan has checked herself into rehab, imagine that. Do your own Google search and make your own jokes this is to easy of a target. "LINK"

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richmanwisco said...

hey....i married a jersey girl.

well, not that KIND of jersey girl.

hope the rooms are clean and the pool water clear.