Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Rules, Rules, Rules

As with all good "Road Warriors" I spent sometime in the hotel's fitness center last night (it is the New Year after all). Hotel fitness centers range from being stocked with one 7lb dumbbell and a 9 year old treadmill to some places that just say screw it and strike a deal with the local Y.M.C.A or Golds Gym. One of the advantages of having a set territory is you learn what hotels have the best fitness centers and you end up frequenting them. Well for whatever reason my Montgomery Marriott property was sold out (Membership does not always have its privileges) so I ended up at the neighboring Hilton property with their on-site fitness center.
Not bad, several pieces for cardio and a nice Nautilus machine.
Check out the Fitness Center "RULES" sign, No Drinking, posted right behind the water cooler.
Nothing scares fellow travelers more than when someone they don't know pulls out a camera and starts taking pictures.
The one nice thing about working out last night was that it allowed me to feast on a countrified Southern lunch at "Martin's". If your ever on the edge of downtown Montgomery check it out.

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