Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve Breakfast

Time for an Earthquake, Earthquake cookies that is. I had to take a picture quick because there is no telling how long these babies will last.

Items Needed:
Box of saltine crackers.
1/2 cup of brown sugar.
1 teaspoon of vanilla.
2 Sticks of butter (or the equivalent in cups)
1 Bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Line the bottom of a cookie sheet with foil.

Line the bottom of pan with saltines (you may have to break a few of them
to make it so there are no spaces in between the crakers.)

In separate bowl (microwavable, or on stove top) mix the 2 sticks of
butter, half cup of brown sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla. Mix together and
put in microwave or on the stove to melt together.

Pour the melted mixture of the crackers. (you now should have a pan with
crackers and the sugar mixture on chocolate yet)

Bake the pan and cracker thing in the oven for 10 min (at 350).

After 10 min, take it out and spread 1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips
over the crakers and sugar.

Put back in oven for 3 min or until chocolate is melted.

Take out of oven and spread the chocolate evenly around with a spatula.

If it's cold enough you can now just put the pan outside to harden, or
simply place it in the fridge or freezer.

Once it's hardened, you can break them into cookie sized pieces...and

Saturday, December 23, 2006

T-Shirt Of The Day

I'm not much of a gamer, maybe some "SNOOD" or "TEXT TWIST", but I have thought of getting a Wii (for the kids of course).
If I was to get a Wii I would have to get the shirt on the left.
Wii is sweeping the country, there is even a Flickr "Wii Motion Pool". Besides it looks so fun to appear so damn uncoordinated.

Friday, December 22, 2006

An Arts And Crafts Friday

It's a rainy Friday morning and the office is closed. What better way to stay connected to the office than to break out "The Executive Coloring Book" and my 8 pack of crayons.You can have your own executive coloring book by following the "LINK"

Thursday, December 21, 2006

You Need A License Too a car, get married and even catch a fish, but you don't need a license to be a parent or even a grandparent.

Baby put into X-ray machine at Los Angeles airport

LOS ANGELES, Dec 20 (Reuters Life!) - A woman sent her one-month-old grandson through
an X-ray machine at Los Angeles International Airport, security officials said on Wednesday.

The woman, who spoke little English and was traveling to Mexico, put the infant in a plastic bin used to hold loose carry-on items for security scanning at the busy airport on Saturday morning.

Security screeners saw the baby as it started to pass through, pulled the bin out, and immediately sought medical assistance for the child, Transportation Security Administration spokesman Nico Melendez said. "LINK"

I could just see the TSA employee watching the monitor: shoes, purse, laptop, carry on, baby, shoes..... reverse the belt..... shoes, baby. "Attention, Attention I need a supervisor"

Two things I must ask:
1) How come Non-English speaking Grandma didn't notice that she was the only one, THE ONLY ONE placing an infant, no make that her grandchild in the plastic bin. Did this women think to herself "Look I'm the only one following the rules"
2) Why did no one in line reach over and place their hands on Non-English speaking Grandma's shoulders and say or yell "What in the hell are you doing?" then as they get the I don't understand your English look just grab the baby. Have we as a society become so jaded that we can't intervene when someone is being stupid.

Airport officials said it was an innocent mistake by an inexperienced traveler This had nothing to do with someone being an inexperienced traveler it had everything to do with someone being stupid. And I'm not so sure about the inexperienced traveler part cause she traveled from Mexico to here.....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

War Is Not The Answer, Rehab Is…..

Miss USA Tara Conner gets to keep her crown, (Thank God cause I’ve been loosing sleep over it) but of course she has to go to rehab.
Rehab is now the official scapegoat for anyone that does not want to be accountable for their own actions, cool.
If you decide to loose your ever loving mind and flip the cop at the corner market the finger, guess what? after your done ramming your skull into the cops billy-club you can check yourself into rehab and more than likely walk away with a reduced sentence. It’s easy and everyone’s doing it.
The nation was all up in arms over OJ Simpson’s defense team using the race card and now it’s oh so very in to pull the “Rehab Card”.
Just because someone is 20 years old and gets busted for having a drink or two doesn't mean they need "Rehab" yes, they may need a good kick in the butt and yes, they are stupid but that does not automatically qualify them for a trip to "Rehab" .
What was even better was Donald Trumps performance. I am generally a fan of Trump and understand publicity/marketing/positioning but this publicity whore appeared to be on the fence as he mused over the “Do I pull the crown or not” when Trumps main focus was to get himself (as always) and the Miss USA pageant in the spotlight as long as possible.Then the Reverend Trump called his press conference to announce the verdict and to deliver his heartfelt “I Believe” speech and guess what? he has decided to give Tara a second chance. I guess I’m in store for a good nights sleep…..

Friday, December 15, 2006

Attention Fellow Fliers

You are in an airport and no this is not your own personal airport you are sharing it with lots of other people and one of these people is me. Sooooooo to make my life less painful and allow me to get home and see my family quicker. I have a few airport suggestions.

When using the kiosk to check yourself in you are going to either have to scan a bar-coded piece of paper or insert a charge card, ATM card or something with a magnetic strip containing your information. Be prepared because this is a rule there is no getting around it.

When going through TSA security lines you will need photo identification and your boarding pass. Have it ready, you back the line up and I am forced to wait while you rummage through your purse, laptop case wallet etc... looking for your photo ID. This another rule there is no getting around it.

You will need to remove your shoes and send them through the x-ray machine. We all have to do this. The government has not decided to single you out and make only you remove your shoes. Can you smell that rank odor? It's my feet and my shoes are off and in my hand ready to be laid on the x-ray belt. This another rule there is no getting around it.

You know those coins and keys in your pocket? Guess what they need to come out of their cave and into the white and blue bowl. These items will cause the screening systems alarm to sound. Do you know why? I am thinking it's because keys and coins are metal and so are guns, this is just a hunch and I might be wrong? When the alarm goes off this means that you have to go through the screener again, this takes more time away from me getting to see my family. This another rule there is no getting around it.

You know that really hip urban style jacket your wearing? That is going to have to come off your lumberjack sized back and go through the x-ray machine. Waiting for you to be told "Sir? Sir? Hey dude, you have to loose the jacket so it can get x-rayed." makes me have to wait and waiting takes more time away from me getting to see my family. This another rule there is no getting around it.

After going through the screening machine please do not stand at the end of the belt and bitch and moan about how you now have to get dressed again. Look down at the ground do you see all the feet with no shoes on them? We all have to "get dressed again". It's no ones fault but your own that you're such a dumb ass and wore 14" lace up boots to airport.

Pick your belongings up off the belt and then quickly move away so that the rest of us can claim our crap and get on with our life. While you are standing there struggling to fit your size 10 EEE foot into a size 9EE shoe you are causing the line to back up and this takes more time away from me getting to see my family.

Do not argue or piss off the TSA folks. Yes, it is quite possible that just last week at their old job they were asking customers "Do you want fries with that?". Alas these folks are the gate keepers to the terminal when they get mad they slow down, when they slow down it takes more time away from me getting to see my family.

I know in the big picture my happiness is not that big of a deal to you folks, but think of this as what you can do to spread some happiness to a bunch of people and it won't cost you a single cent. Not a bad thought during this expensive holiday season.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Have Fun With Flickr

If you use "Flickr" add a note to a photo with this tag ho ho ho hat or ho ho ho beard and you can add a Santa hat or beard to your photo. via "Whole Lotta Nothing"

Puff The Magic Dragon

It seems as if poor lil' old Nicole has gone a got herself in a mess of trouble "LINK" and of course this isn't the first time:
In 2003, Richie was arrested for heroin possession and spent time in rehabilitation.
I'm not much of a medical type dude but it appears to me that rehab DID NOT WORK.
She admitted to officers that she had smoked marijuana and taken the painkiller Vicodin, said CHP Sgt. Mark Garrett. Again it appears that rehab DID NOT WORK.
Earlier this year, production of "The Simple Life" was postponed because Richie had entered a treatment facility to deal with her inability to gain weight. OK so now we're trying to gain weight and I understand that smoking dope can lead to the munchies but somehow this unconventional style of treatment is not going to be widely accepted by the medical community.
Besides how tough is it to gain weight? And don't give me the excuse "I had a hard life", your the daughter of Mr "All Night Long" Lionel Richie. How hard was it growing up? Your main focus thought should be "Damn, I've got a really good thing going here with my Dad and all, I don't want to screw anything up", guess what????
And what the hell is it with these celebrity types that get all jacked up on booze or pills hop into their SUV and set out on the highway driving in the wrong direction?
And another thing this chick must have been stoned out of her ever loving skull to stop in the carpool lane.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Worth The Read

Road warriors tend to have an interest in what other road warriors have to say, where other road warriors stay and where other road warriors eat. Deep down I think we want to know who has the best and loosest expense account.
Check out "This Blog Title For Sale". Rich is a fellow road warrior and takes a hell of a better picture than I do so give him a read and a view.

Still Fresh In Our Minds From Last Year

Last Tuesday my traffic increased 10 fold (from 2 hits to 20 hits) and every hit was from Google searching the word "Pornament". I am thinking what brought all this traffic on when "CB" calls me saying that "Drudge" or "Slashdot" had an article about someone selling pornaments, mystery solved. But here is what's bugging me "CB" coined this phrase, on his own, last Christmas and for a good 6 or 7 months Frick's World was #1 on Google when you searched pornament. Now poor "CB" is soured on this whole internet thing as well as he hasn't even decorated his office for Christmas yet.

So here is the original post from last year and maybe this will help our pornament ranking.

I'm hanging around this morning when "CB" comes bounding in with his contribution to the annual Christmas (that's right it's Christmas not holiday) spirit. It's was a sad sack of a tree, decorated with a lone ornament. "Hey "CB" what gives with the single ornament?" I utter. CB bounces back "Ornament? " "What ornament?" "That's not an ornament, that my bald friend is a PORNAMENT."
We are under the belief that someone at the ornament design company made a prototype as a joke and somehow it made it to the production line, overseas and down the street to the local holiday discount store, but that's just our belief.......

por·na·ment (po´rn-mnt) n.
Something that decorates or adorns; an embellishment visable to the naked eye
2. Any adornament that makes me laugh
3. Something made in Taiwan of a sexual nature that Americans unwillingly purchase

Still MoreProof That Drugs Can Kill

Woman shoots self after mistaking pistol for cigarette lighter

The Associated Press
Dec 8, 2006 5:02 PM (1 day ago)
Current rank: Not ranked

LAVONIA, Ga. - A woman staying at a northeast Georgia motel this week shot herself while trying to light a cigarette with a pistol she mistook for a cigarette lighter, police said. Police said Olivia Hutcherson, 21, of Anderson, S.C., had been arrested for fighting at a Waffle House shortly before she shot herself in the hand with a .22-caliber pistol she had tried to use to light a cigarette. Lavonia Police Chief Randy Shirley said Hutcherson was staying with two other people at a Best Western motel at about 6 a.m. on Sunday. When she reached onto a nightstand for what she thought was a lighter, she instead grabbed a pistol owned by Bobby Brown, 56, of Royston, Shirley said. About 90 minutes earlier, Hutcherson had slapped a man in the face three times after she said he touched her inappropriately, according to police reports. Five witnesses told police they never saw the man touch her. "She stated that someone had grabbed her from behind and she turned and struck the first person she saw," an officer wrote in the report.
Here we go go again kiddies. Drugs are just bad for you.
Lets examine this story more in depth because at first read there are key points that should just leap off the screen at you.
arrested for fighting at a Waffle House -this should be the first clue that it's going to be a long night.
to light a cigarette - I'm not 100% convinced that she was trying to light a cigarette. Maybe she was lighting some that rhymes with crack pipe, maybe.
Best Western - When have you ever read a feel good news story that mentions Best Western.
pistol owned by Bobby Brown - Hasn't this girl ever seen "Being Bobby Brown"? After what Whitney did to Bobby's career you just know this guy on the edge and probably packing some heat.
slapped a man in the face three times - Now here is a girl that simply put knows how to communicate.

I Get By With A Little Help From The Net

generated by

Ever had to put together a PowerPoint (lol) and just flat run head on into writers block?
Then try "Sloganizer", give it a phrase and let genterate your slogan. Build a whole ad campaign based on you new slogan. Ain't the internet grand.............
Refresh the page (F5) to see a new slogan.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

View From Here

Orlando FL
Wyndham #1400
Birmingham AL
Hampton Inn #412
Lumberton NC
Holiday Inn #123
Clinton NC
Comfort Inn #105
Where someone decided to beat up the vending machine at 12:30 AM
I hope he finally got his "*#@!~^$" peanuts.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What I Did Over My Weekend Break

Every so often, like most American families, we clean out the refrigerator. Believe me it's a royal pain in the ass. We start by pulling out the stuff that's at the front of the shelves. These delicious culinary delights are at most a couple of weeks old and not all that scary, but as we migrate our way towards the back our gag reflexes start to kick in.
Take for example this petri dish reject from the freezer, you see the date, can you see the freaking date "6/22/2005" and guess what Ground Turkey was only $1.99 per pound. This tells me it that it's been at least again at least 18 months since we last cleaned out this beast.As we're busy throwing out a $100.00 worth of old food I notice that we have 15 bottles of salad dressing. Now "H" refuses to eat anything that's both green and leafy so he doesn't need any salad dressing. I only use "Lite Done Right Italian" so that leaves 14 bottles between "Goose" and "The Wife".
Like I said Every so often, like most American families, we clean out the refrigerator I guess in our case it's not often enough.

Can You Say Lawsuit/ I Knew You Could.....

So there I was with a set of jumper cables and a can of Crisco...
Get this I check in my hotel room last night bump on the bathroom light and what do my eyes behold but the above little electrical ergonomics mix.
Now I haven't used a hair dry in lets say a few years but damn this hotel must have some mighty fine liability insurance to risk installing this 110 volt wall mounted death trap.
If I did have hair I think I'd risk a bad hair day versus and bad electrical shock day.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Damn Girl

By now everyone has heard about "Britney Spears" and her apparent lack of panties as she heads out for a night on the town. A night on the town with the new Hollywood brain trust (Spears, Lohan & Hilton) I might add.
According to Google it seems that lack of panties, a short dress and low slung sports cars can thrust a girl into the same situation that Britney is now in (there are websites dedicated to just this situation, imagine that)
It looks like K-Fed got all the underwear during the divorce and in addition to that who would have ever thought that K-Fed would be the responsible parent................

Another Life Tip

Looking to save some money during the holidays? Try This....
Don't spend $1 to dry-clean a shirt. Donate it to the Salvation Army instead. They'll clean it, put it on a hanger. Next morning buy it back for 50 cents.