Wednesday, December 20, 2006

War Is Not The Answer, Rehab Is…..

Miss USA Tara Conner gets to keep her crown, (Thank God cause I’ve been loosing sleep over it) but of course she has to go to rehab.
Rehab is now the official scapegoat for anyone that does not want to be accountable for their own actions, cool.
If you decide to loose your ever loving mind and flip the cop at the corner market the finger, guess what? after your done ramming your skull into the cops billy-club you can check yourself into rehab and more than likely walk away with a reduced sentence. It’s easy and everyone’s doing it.
The nation was all up in arms over OJ Simpson’s defense team using the race card and now it’s oh so very in to pull the “Rehab Card”.
Just because someone is 20 years old and gets busted for having a drink or two doesn't mean they need "Rehab" yes, they may need a good kick in the butt and yes, they are stupid but that does not automatically qualify them for a trip to "Rehab" .
What was even better was Donald Trumps performance. I am generally a fan of Trump and understand publicity/marketing/positioning but this publicity whore appeared to be on the fence as he mused over the “Do I pull the crown or not” when Trumps main focus was to get himself (as always) and the Miss USA pageant in the spotlight as long as possible.Then the Reverend Trump called his press conference to announce the verdict and to deliver his heartfelt “I Believe” speech and guess what? he has decided to give Tara a second chance. I guess I’m in store for a good nights sleep…..

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