Tuesday, November 30, 2004

We ate our way into and past Thanksgiving

Fricks World ate up a feast last week. I think I ate a vegtable of every color under the sun if you count candy corn as a vegtable. I did overdose on Christmas tunes during the 6 hour car ride each way, I need to buy a XM radio. We even participated in after Thanksgiving day shopping, but did not wake up at 5:00 AM, so I guess we are slouches.
I am in North Carolina for the night. The Hampton Inn is in the middle of renovating. All of the doors have masking tape on them with the room numbers written on them. I think that after dinner I am going to go to the third floor and peel off the tape and move it to a different door, then the drunks will be totally confused when they come back to the hotel later on.

Unka Dug sent this over with some mention of Victoria's Secret and the early years.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

If a black cats fur is bleached it turns RED

I have to be somewhat delicate in how I convey the following story, but being the sensitive guy that I am, I will give it a shot.
Earlier this evening at Frick's World one or some of the female member brought forth a jar of Sally Hansen's bleaching cream. The application of said cream went of without a hitch. Some how or some way some of the said cream ended up on "Boo" kitty. I do not know how "Boo" kitty came in contact with the above mentioned cream since was not partaking in said cream application. Mainly due to the fact that what little hair that I posses I do not want to bleach. Since "Boo" kitty did not immediately roll over and die we did not give it much thought. As bedtime neared all of the Frick's World animals assembled for the animal parade upstairs. At this time we noticed that "Boo" kitties fur had turned to a deep shade of red. Again being the sensitive pet owner that I am could not resist the uncontrollable urge to laugh harder than I had laughed in the last week.
Note to Ron Artest "Hey it looks like you will have time to rest and work on your rap album".

Saturday, November 20, 2004

A Trip To The Store

"H" and I are back from "Skills assessment". As expected the organizing group of adults were turning this assessment into a train wreak. There is nothing better than watching a group of 40 year old ex-athletes try and climb to the top of the "I know more about youth sports than you ladder". Hey guys these are 4th graders, they can't remember to close the kitchen after they come in, how can they remember to shoot a free throw and not a lay up. The highlight was when one young "Shaq" told them he doesn't shoot free throws only 3 point jump shots, to which he followed through with nailing 3 in a row. I couldn't hit the backboard from 3 point range let alone nail one.
"H" and I decided to help out the wife by going to the grocery store. Generally in the past my experience with the grocery store consists of running in and getting some aspirin, cold medicine or milk. So in essence I only really know two parts of the store the milk section and the Pharmacy.
I had such items on my list as Fruit H2o. I couldn't find it, I couldn't even tell you if it was a fruit drink or water. I doesn't matter cause it wasn't in either isle.
Next was roasted garlic cream cheese, all I could find was strawberry, cheesecake, garden vegetable, pineapple & chives cream cheese. I grabbed the chive flavored figuring that chives grow in the ground and garlic grows in the ground, that should be close enough. Hey I don't eat the stuff anyway.
Third item was Lite Sour Cream (which I could not find) so I called the wife to tell her that they had Fat Free Sour Cream, guess what Fat Free & Lite are not the same. Man I learn something new every single day.
The last item I struggled with was KRAFT lite mayonnaise (note the key word here is KRAFT). They had KRAFT fat free mayonnaise, but since I had already learned that fat free & lite were not the same I kept looking. I found some Hellmans Lite mayonnaise, hey I'm in lets go.
I must have overlooked the key word of KRAFT because KRAFT is not the same as Hellmans.
I am in the habit of saying "I learn something new everyday" this held true for today thats for sure.

An Easy Weekend

It looks as if Frick's World may have a slow paced easy going weekend.
"H" is still recovering from the croup or RAD or what ever term the doctors are calling it this season and I think I have warded off a sinus infection using lots and lots of over the counter medication.
I have finally discovered what has plagued me for most of my life. NES Night Eating Syndrome. Every night for as long as I remember I sleep for an hour & then I wake up and get a snack. I feel complete now that I know its not my fault. I have a disorder a syndrome, I am unique just like everyone else.
The wife is out with a friend for breakfast and I'm doing a little bit of on-line Christmas shopping (time to spend all of those hotel points).
"H" has his skills assessment test for winter basketball. Skills assessment is when they gather all the coaches and kids in the gym, give them a basketball and have them dribble and shoot. Then the coaches draft their team. If you ask me its the politically correct way of saying, "If you suck, you are still going to get picked last for the team".
I bought a couple of suits last night, which had to be altered. Of course they always have to be altered. I seems anytime I buy a suit on sale the store gets their money back on what I have to spend on alterations. I did drop my jacket size from a 54 to a 46.
We did discover that "Cider" the wonder dog does have (1) trick. If you say "Pizza" Cider losses her ever loving mind and begins running around the house looking out each window and barking.
What I gather from this trick is that the family is ordering in pizza an awful lot while I'm out of town.
Next week should not be to bad either. We have regional meetings at the office (death by Powerpoint????) Monday & Tuesday and then I'm off the rest of the week. Taking a little road trip to KY.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Cool Site

Check out Typogenerator.
Type in words or a phrase and it autogenerates a picture. I don't know what the picture means or represents. I think it is explained on their web site, but who reads freaking web pages anyways. It is definitely cooler than anything I could create.

It Didn't Rain In Baltimore

I spent Monday & Tuesday in Baltimore & guess what no rain.
We at the Silver Springs Mining Company for dinner. I ate soured pot roast with dumplings it weighed in at 2000+ calories, but definitely worth the extra time on the treadmill.
We held a tech summit at the Harbor Court Hotel. Its one of those place where the doormen wear top hats and they have heaters installed over the entrance to the hotel to knock the chill off of you when you enter.
Stan White from the Baltimore Colts "MC'd" Stan White was the keynote speaker and he even heard from the teams general manager. I guess if I was a football nut I would have been hounding these cats for their autographs. All of the speakers were entertaining and informative.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Word Just In

The wife just informed me that the livingroom is not done. She says it is a work in progress....

Some Pictures I Found

Can you guess the year of this photo?
The 80's ahhhh the 80's
I was outfitted with the garb of the decade
My Members Only jacket with the sleeves pushed up.
The high top sneakers with my jeans stuffed into them
My mullet that included perming the back, then a rat tail for less than a week
Piercing my ear
Sleeveless shirts
"OP" brand pants and sun britches. That tied in the front and had a velcro fly
California Coolers
Journey, REO Speedwagon, Molly Hatchet
My first CD player
Fast Times At Ridgemont High, Stripes & Caddyshack
My sports coat with the purple T-Shirt (Thanks to Miami Vice)
Pucca bead necklace
Izod shirts with the collar flipped up
I did not have a Michael Jackson zippered jacket

A piece of pumpernickel in hand is worth two on the loaf.

The rumors abound
That there is this picture around

Of someone who was at the time only two
With pumpernickel stuck to her face, like little pieces if brown glue

This pictures existence has been denied
Everyone thought I had lied

During the search time was spent
But alas it was found while cleaning out the basement

The Living Rooms Done

We are done with the living room? I think, I'm not sure, I don't know....
It's supposed to be a library, I think because it has books and a globe.
If you ever paint a ceiling wear goggles for your eyes. The wife and I looked as though we had spotted yellow fever when we were done.
I would have gotten a closer picture but I am not allowed to put footprints in the carpet.
I am hoping the floor trusses will hold the piano and I don't wake up to find the piano in the basement. While we were searching for items to stock the bookcase shelves with I came across some priceless pictures that will be posted later today.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Another New Template

I've spent the last hour working with a new template. I'm not sure if I'm going to use it or not.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Whats On My MP3 Player

Warrant - Cherry Pie.mp3
Damn Yankees - Can You Take Me Higher.mp3
Foo Fighters - My Hero.mp3
Live - Heaven.mp3
Montgomery Gentry - Thats Allright.mp3
Van Halen - Right Now.mp3
Goo Goo Dolls - Big Machine.mp3
Skid Row - I Remember You.mp3
Poison - Something To Belive In.mp3
Winger - Headed For A Heartache.mp3
Warrant - Heaven .mp3
Kix - Don't Close You Eyes.mp3
Firehouse - When I Look Into Your Eyes.mp3
Night Ranger - Goodbye.mp3
Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face.mp3
Blues Travler - The Mountain Wins Again.mp3
Bon Jovi - Its My Life.mp3
Buddah Bar - Smell Of Paradise.mp3
Buddah Bar - Sujiam.mp3
Buddha Bar II - Hotel Costes.mp3
Budha Bar - II - The String Thing.mp3
Bush - Machinehead.mp3
Chris Issac - Baby Did A Bad Thing.mp3
Chris Issac - Wicked Game.mp3
Chris Whitley - Dirt Floor.mp3
Christopher Cross - Sailing.mp3
Cold Play - Parachutes.mp3
Cold Play - We Never Change.mp3
Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head.mp3
Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head - B-Sides - 01 - One .mp3
Coldplay - Clocks.mp3
Coldplay - Daylight.mp3
Coldplay - Shiver.mp3
Coldplay - Trouble.mp3
Coldplay - Yellow.mp3
Dave Matthews Crash.mp3
Dave Matthews.mp3
Dear Matthew.mp3
DFuse - Bodyshock.mp3
Enya - (Enigma) Sadness Part 1.mp3
Enya - Adiemus.mp3
Enya - Celtic Rain.mp3
Enya - Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby.mp3
Enya - Evening Falls.mp3
Enya - Ever After.mp3
Enya - Only Time.mp3
Enya - Pure Moods - Sail Away.mp3
Enya - Relaxation.mp3
Enya - Sail Away.mp3
Enya - The Council of Elrond.mp3
Enya - The Longships.mp3
Enya - The Prelude .mp3
Enya - Waterfall (piano)2.mp3
Enya - Wild Child.mp3
Enya - X-Files Theme.mp3
Flirting Shadows.mp3
Ghostland - Calming The Sea.mp3
Ghostland Sinead O'Connor - Guide Me God.mp3
Goo Goo Dolls - Here Is Gone - .mp3
Goo Goo Dolls - Iris (Acoustic).mp3
Goo Goo Dolls - It's Over.mp3
Goo Goo Dolls --- Tucked Away.mp3
Goo Goo Dolls - What A Scene.mp3
Gotan project - Indian Gipsy.mp3
John Tesh Bastile Day (Reprise).mp3
John Tesh Bastile Day.mp3
John Tesh Destination Paris.mp3
John Tesh Eletrik Thom..mp3
John Tesh Garden City.mp3
John Tesh Shock.mp3
John Tesh The Black Hole.mp3
John Tesh Waltz For Julie.mp3
John Tesh You Break It.mp3
Kid Fears.mp3
Last Of The Mohicans.mp3
Mandalay - Beautiful.mp3
Mandalay - Deep Love.mp3
Nirvana Lounge.mp3
Peter Gabriel Games Without Frontiers.mp3
Peter Gabriel Your Eyes.mp3
Police Don't Stand So Close 86.mp3
Police Message In A Bottle.mp3
Police Wrapped Around Your Finger.mp3
Pure Moods - Sounds of Nature - Ocean Surf.mp3
Pure Moods Enya - Return To Innocence - Enigma.mp3
Pure moods Gregorian Chants.mp3
Pure Moods II - Cusco - Montezuma.mp3
Pure Moods III - Kitaro - Theme From Silk Road.mp3
Pure Moods III - Mono - Life In Mono1.mp3
Rascal Flatts These Days.mp3
Steve Earle - Copperhead Road.mp3
Tim Mcgraw - Angel boy.mp3
Toby Keith - How Do You Like Me Now.mp3
Toby Keith - I Wanna Talk About Me.mp3
Toby Keith - Who's Your Daddy.mp3
Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want.mp3
Vertical Horizon - You're A God.mp3
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train.mp3
Bob Segar 16 Track 16.mp3
Bob Segar Against The Wind.mp3
Bob Segar Betty Lou.mp3
Bob Segar Feel Like A Number.mp3
Bob Segar Fire Lake.mp3
Bob Segar Hollywood Nights.mp3
Bob Segar Main Street.mp3
Bob Segar My Life Without You.mp3
Bob Segar Night Moves.mp3
Bob Segar Nine Tonight.mp3
Bob Segar Old Time Rock & Roll.mp3
Bob Segar Rock & Roll never Forgets.mp3
Bob Segar Strut.mp3
Bob Segar The Fire Down Below.mp3
Bob Segar We've Got Tonight.mp3
Bob Segar You Will Accompany Me.mp3
Police Can't Stand Losing You.mp3
Police DoDoDoDo.mp3
Police Don't Stand So Close.mp3
Police Every Breathe You Take.mp3
Police Every Little Thing She Does.mp3
Police Invisible Sun.mp3
Police King Of Pain.mp3
Police Message In A Bottle.mp3
Police Roxanne.mp3
Police Spirits In THe Material World.mp3
Police Walking On The Moon.mp3

My Thursday

I spent the last few days in Baltimore and Washington DC (once again it rained while I was in Baltimore). I arrived at Dulles around 5:00 PM for my 8:00 PM flight home, only to find that there had been a security breech (no one knew what had been breeched, only that something had been breeched) and that everyone that had cleared security and was in the concourses had to evacuate and go through security again. Well the Dulles security line is always long and winds through the terminal but generally you can get through in under an hour. Well, now the terminal is packed with twice as many people as normal. Somehow this large group of people managed to actually form two log “U” shaped lines. No one was moving because the security stations were still closed, but it was two well formed lines. This we will call “Phase 1”.

It’s now 6:00 PM and we have not moved at all, not even the distance of one floor tile. Someone from TSA comes out and either mumbles or quietly says something. I don’t know because I’ve been standing still so long that the lack of blood moving through my body has caused my extremities to shut down and the shut down started with my ears. Whatever the TSA person said caused the two nicely formed lines to suddenly enter “Phase 2”. “Phase 2” lasted about 2 minutes because we now had intermingling of the two lines and believe me after an hour I was not about to give my spot up to anyone. TSA showed back up and managed to unmingled our intermingling lines. About this time we look out the window of the terminal and see two things happening, first there are local news vans with cameras starting to show up. This must means that we are going to be stuck here for a while. Second we see just a sea of airborne airplane lights up in the sky. Since no planes are leaving that means no planes can land.

Somewhere around 7:45 they announce that the security screeners are opening up. This is what I am going to call “Phase 3”. At some point during TSA’s disaster training/ evacuation training/ mob control training they left out the part that says “Hey when you have a line that makes a 180 degree turn, put one of the fabric fences between the two lines of people”. They have those retractable fences all over the airport, if anyone had any sense or foresight they would have done that because at 7:46 PM we entered what I like to call “Phase 3”. It was like a European sporting event the line collapsed onto itself. People that were walking north just turned around and started walking south. It was a mob scene. I heard cussing in 6 different languages. People were using their roll aboard luggage like the cattle guard on the front of the train. You don’t ever want to hear my rant about roll aboard luggage.

I finally get to my gate around 8:15 PM for my 8:00 PM flight. That’s OK because there was no one to board the planes because we were all stuck in the terminal. Anyways my 8:00 PM flight had been moved to 8:25 then 8:40 then 9:10 then 9:30 and finally 10:00. I got into my bed at 1:01 AM. I could not even sleep in because of an 8:20 AM dermatologist appointment this morning.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

How Long before We See these At The $1.00 Store

I saw a commercial for these on the TV. Now heres a product we all can use. This looks like a condom for a 5 year old. All we need now is peoples walking the street digging around in their mouth with these little green things on their finger. I imagine oral-b will look to unload these at the your local Dollar Tree by Christmas.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Fall Is In The Air

The sounds and smells ran rampant through out the neighborhood this weekend. We spent most of the weekend burning all of the limbs and twigs that we gathered during the year (The Smells) and blowing the leaves and pine needles ( The Sounds Of Leaf Blowers).
This is the best time of year in Georgia, its not too cold to be outside and not so hot that you sweat while working in the yard. The wife has brought out the sweaters and overalls. The animals are starting to migrate onto the bed at night for warmth. The mornings are cool enough to make you want to stay in bed. The CVS drugstore down the street already has Christmas wreaths outside the store.
We signed "H" up for winter basketball. I put down on the registration sheet that he was 5' 4", so maybe he will get drafted in the first round.
I flew into Memphis last Thursday. Its FedEx's main location. The Memphis airport has a sign that says they move packages everyday than any other airport in the world. That may be true, but when it comes to luggage they are not the quickest.

Do you know the difference between a rental car and a Jeep?
There are some places that you can't take a Jeep.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Goose is becoming a turtle?

I had to stay home this morning so that I would be available during that 2 hour window when the appliance repairman could come and fix the dryer.
Goose had to be at school by 7:30 for a peer counselor meeting. Since it had been a few months since I had transported Goose to school I felt it would be safe for me to return. Anyway we load up in the car and off we go. Goose jumps out of the car and asks me to toss her, the bookbag. I think she laughed when she said toss. I reach back to grasp, lift and toss said bookbag. It was so heavy it almost pulled me out of the drivers seat. This thing felt as if it was loaded with cement. All this time I thought Goose was walking around hunched over from teenage depression, when its only the heavy bookbag. If Goose has
osteoporosis in later life the school district will be on the receiving end of a law suit.
I was there for the 2 hour repair window and all of the major Fricksworld appliances are functioning. The new 30 day total for Fricksworld repairs are as follows

Refridgirator Starter Relay Switch $180.00
Hot Water & Main PRV & Parts & Labor $350.00
Dryer Thermostat $114.00
30 Day Total $644.00

I can hardly wait for the holidays

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Ask David Hasselhoff

Ask David Hasselhoff

We now have answers to all the tough questions........

Get Your Vote On!!!!!!

All the occupants at Frick's World that were of legal voting age partook today in one of the things that makes America what it is Great & Free.
Did you vote out of fear or hope?
Did you make your own voting decisions, do your own research or just listen to the TV and radio ads and take it from there?
Did you even vote?

One of the issues was the amendment for "Gay Marriages" while this not something that I struggle with or think about on a day to day basis, there are some amendments that I would like to see added as they would impact my daily life greatly.
1) If you receive a drivers license you must know the proper way to handle a 4 way stop sign.
b) You must understand that the left lane is not the slow lane
c) You must know how to manually stop your turn signal after you have completed you turn.
d) You are not allowed to install an after market "Whale Tail"
2) If you work at a fast food restaurant you must be able to say "Thank You" after the transaction
b) If you work the drive through you must put napkins & straws in the bag
c) If I order no mayonnaise that means no mayonnaise.
3) If your business uses an automated phone system you must be able to bail out and actually talk to an operator.
4) You must cut your yard at least once a month.
5) If you are staying in the hotel room next to me you must know how to close the door quietly at 2:00 am in the morning.
6) If you are flying on a plane and are seated in row 23 you cannot place you carry on in the overhead space above row 12.
It is possible that I am becoming jaded as I get older, I just don't know.