Sunday, November 21, 2004

If a black cats fur is bleached it turns RED

I have to be somewhat delicate in how I convey the following story, but being the sensitive guy that I am, I will give it a shot.
Earlier this evening at Frick's World one or some of the female member brought forth a jar of Sally Hansen's bleaching cream. The application of said cream went of without a hitch. Some how or some way some of the said cream ended up on "Boo" kitty. I do not know how "Boo" kitty came in contact with the above mentioned cream since was not partaking in said cream application. Mainly due to the fact that what little hair that I posses I do not want to bleach. Since "Boo" kitty did not immediately roll over and die we did not give it much thought. As bedtime neared all of the Frick's World animals assembled for the animal parade upstairs. At this time we noticed that "Boo" kitties fur had turned to a deep shade of red. Again being the sensitive pet owner that I am could not resist the uncontrollable urge to laugh harder than I had laughed in the last week.
Note to Ron Artest "Hey it looks like you will have time to rest and work on your rap album".


Anonymous said...

Hey Frick - you might be able to use some of that new red fur on a fly or two!
Happy Thanksgiving

TangledUp (NGTO)

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