Saturday, November 20, 2004

An Easy Weekend

It looks as if Frick's World may have a slow paced easy going weekend.
"H" is still recovering from the croup or RAD or what ever term the doctors are calling it this season and I think I have warded off a sinus infection using lots and lots of over the counter medication.
I have finally discovered what has plagued me for most of my life. NES Night Eating Syndrome. Every night for as long as I remember I sleep for an hour & then I wake up and get a snack. I feel complete now that I know its not my fault. I have a disorder a syndrome, I am unique just like everyone else.
The wife is out with a friend for breakfast and I'm doing a little bit of on-line Christmas shopping (time to spend all of those hotel points).
"H" has his skills assessment test for winter basketball. Skills assessment is when they gather all the coaches and kids in the gym, give them a basketball and have them dribble and shoot. Then the coaches draft their team. If you ask me its the politically correct way of saying, "If you suck, you are still going to get picked last for the team".
I bought a couple of suits last night, which had to be altered. Of course they always have to be altered. I seems anytime I buy a suit on sale the store gets their money back on what I have to spend on alterations. I did drop my jacket size from a 54 to a 46.
We did discover that "Cider" the wonder dog does have (1) trick. If you say "Pizza" Cider losses her ever loving mind and begins running around the house looking out each window and barking.
What I gather from this trick is that the family is ordering in pizza an awful lot while I'm out of town.
Next week should not be to bad either. We have regional meetings at the office (death by Powerpoint????) Monday & Tuesday and then I'm off the rest of the week. Taking a little road trip to KY.


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