Sunday, November 07, 2004

Fall Is In The Air

The sounds and smells ran rampant through out the neighborhood this weekend. We spent most of the weekend burning all of the limbs and twigs that we gathered during the year (The Smells) and blowing the leaves and pine needles ( The Sounds Of Leaf Blowers).
This is the best time of year in Georgia, its not too cold to be outside and not so hot that you sweat while working in the yard. The wife has brought out the sweaters and overalls. The animals are starting to migrate onto the bed at night for warmth. The mornings are cool enough to make you want to stay in bed. The CVS drugstore down the street already has Christmas wreaths outside the store.
We signed "H" up for winter basketball. I put down on the registration sheet that he was 5' 4", so maybe he will get drafted in the first round.
I flew into Memphis last Thursday. Its FedEx's main location. The Memphis airport has a sign that says they move packages everyday than any other airport in the world. That may be true, but when it comes to luggage they are not the quickest.

Do you know the difference between a rental car and a Jeep?
There are some places that you can't take a Jeep.

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