Saturday, November 20, 2004

A Trip To The Store

"H" and I are back from "Skills assessment". As expected the organizing group of adults were turning this assessment into a train wreak. There is nothing better than watching a group of 40 year old ex-athletes try and climb to the top of the "I know more about youth sports than you ladder". Hey guys these are 4th graders, they can't remember to close the kitchen after they come in, how can they remember to shoot a free throw and not a lay up. The highlight was when one young "Shaq" told them he doesn't shoot free throws only 3 point jump shots, to which he followed through with nailing 3 in a row. I couldn't hit the backboard from 3 point range let alone nail one.
"H" and I decided to help out the wife by going to the grocery store. Generally in the past my experience with the grocery store consists of running in and getting some aspirin, cold medicine or milk. So in essence I only really know two parts of the store the milk section and the Pharmacy.
I had such items on my list as Fruit H2o. I couldn't find it, I couldn't even tell you if it was a fruit drink or water. I doesn't matter cause it wasn't in either isle.
Next was roasted garlic cream cheese, all I could find was strawberry, cheesecake, garden vegetable, pineapple & chives cream cheese. I grabbed the chive flavored figuring that chives grow in the ground and garlic grows in the ground, that should be close enough. Hey I don't eat the stuff anyway.
Third item was Lite Sour Cream (which I could not find) so I called the wife to tell her that they had Fat Free Sour Cream, guess what Fat Free & Lite are not the same. Man I learn something new every single day.
The last item I struggled with was KRAFT lite mayonnaise (note the key word here is KRAFT). They had KRAFT fat free mayonnaise, but since I had already learned that fat free & lite were not the same I kept looking. I found some Hellmans Lite mayonnaise, hey I'm in lets go.
I must have overlooked the key word of KRAFT because KRAFT is not the same as Hellmans.
I am in the habit of saying "I learn something new everyday" this held true for today thats for sure.


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