Sunday, October 29, 2006

Black Warrior River

An early fall morning on the fog drenched "Black Warrior River"

View From Here

Tuscaloosa AL
Hampton Inn #318

Friday, October 27, 2006

Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors?

Looks like we are going to get an additional 700 mile worth of Mexican border fencing. I guess the guy that has to decide which 700 miles gets fencing sure has some pressure on him to pick the right 700 miles. "LINK"
Now I'm not a very smart, hell I've never even been to college, but I have an idea that just might work. It seems that this new fence addition is going to cost "BILLIONS". Well we've been known to pay students to stay in school, now stay with me on this, what would be wrong with paying these border hoppers not to hop the border? Simple, so many of these immigrants are sending money back to Mexico anyway lets just cut out the middle man. We would save millions maybe billions of government funds that we are now funneling into these immigrants pockets and purses.
Oh course the only real loser in all this is the fence manufacturers and installers, they'd be pissed, so lets kick them a few bucks while we're at it.

Panda Cam

Here's a quick (and cute) way to waste an hour "LINK"

Eat A Pizza, Please

It seems that Nicole Richie has gone and checked herself into a treatment facility "LINK" .
This girl does not need a team of doctors, what she needs is the phone number for the nearest "Papa Johns".
Richie is the only person that I have ever seen that actually weighed more when she was addicted to cocaine than when she was off the stuff.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

View From Here

Hampton Inn #328
Brimingham AL

My PSA (Public Service Announcement)

"Goose" now has her license, you have been duly warned/advised. Now you shouldn't be that nervous I'm nervous enough for everyone. "Goose" has been to "Taggart's" (not the D.U.I. part, just the Drivers ED part) and passed. They even made her drive to the Atlanta airport and on I-285.
It's not so much her that makes me nervous, it's the other idiots on the road that make me nervous (all parents say that, I think it is a parental requirement).
After spending the morning at the DMV I now have a better understanding of what's wrong with this country. We should now make it a requirement that before you can vote you must drop by the DMV for a few hours just to observe, because this, in my opinion is where most of the idiots hang out and maybe seeing these peoples behavior might influence you on what issues you need to really pay attention to when casting your vote, then agin maybe it won't. I also have a feeling that most of these idiots also vote. There are people there that can't follow directions: "Please wait here for your number to be called", "Please remain in this area while the driving test is being performed" and once again I add most of these idiots vote.

"Goose" was a bit concerned with the whole "Will I pass my driving test?" and I being the best parent that I could assured her "Yes, you'll pass" while in the back of my mind just hoping that she would. Well after waiting for our number to be called and listening to all of the different dialects being spoken because these people knew little or no English ( I'm on the side of that they knew no English, but damn they knew they needed a drivers license), I was convinced that she would pass. The DMV is the cultural melting pot of our country.

As "Goose" was taking her driving test and while "The Wife" and I stayed in the designated area I spied this genius leaving the DMV with what I'm sure was his nice new shinny license in hand. He decides to pull out onto "Beaver Ruin Road" on the left side of a double yellow line and a cement divider. I could only imagine that "Genius Boy" is thinking "Everyone is honking at me because they are so excited that I just got my license" no they're honking at you cause your an idiot and you probably vote..................

The above picture was not "Photoshopped" just ask "The Wife" she saw this as well.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Read a bit more about this father & son team "LINK"

You Got Your Elbow In My Picasso

No, you got your Picasso on my elbow.

Klutziness Costs Steve Wynn a 'Hole' Lot

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Talk about putting the "D'oh!" in a painting worth a whole lot of dough.

Just a day after arranging to sell Pablo Picasso's "Le Reve" (French for "The Dream") for a record-setting chunk of cash, casino owner "Steve Wynn" put a silver dollar-sized hole in the prized painting with his elbow in front of a star-studded group that included Barbara Walters and screenwriters Nora Ephron and Nicholas Pileggi, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

Now I have done a few clumsy things in my life, I drove my Dad's car into a freezer (the freezer was in the garage not in the house) and then there was the time I replaced the batteries in a calculator only to turn it upside down and watch all the keys fall out. Both of these "Clumsy" incidents cost maybe a total of $300.00, maybe.......
But to put your elbow through a 139 million dollar painting, that you just sold, damn.... The fact that someone would actually pay $139 million dollars for a painting, double damn.
I understand that Wynn has some really jacked up eye problem, but if you have his kind on money you hire people to stand between you and anything that you might possibly damage.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Nerd Moment

No, I have not lost my mind a started covering everything in sight with aluminum foil. I'm not afraid of those evil rays from space.
I came across the "Ez-12" Parabolic Reflector (whatever the hell that means) Template and decided to see if I could extend the range of my 3 year old router. Looking at the 5 cars parked out in front of the house I would say that it works.
Besides when people come in for a visit and see this it will give me real street cred like I'm some sort of a computer wizard.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Airplane Safety Video

Chris has sat through this one too many times

Monday, October 09, 2006

TSA Is So On The Ball

At the airport this afternoon, I'm putting my shoes back on, sliding my laptop back into its case after going through security, when I look over my shoulder and what do I see?
But a hand truck with six 5 gallon bottles of water on it. Guess what there is no one watching the hand truck, guarding the hand truck or supervising the hand truck, it's all by itself. Now this hand truck has somehow mysteriously made it past all of the TSA screeners onto the gate side of the terminal.
Now due to the fact that I travel with a half ounce bottle of liquid shampoo (a months supply I might add) it is highly advisable that I check my luggage, which I did.
If a half ounce of shampoo can take down a plane I just wonder what 30 gallons of water could do in some terrorists hands.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My "Frickmas" Presents

Well in case you missed it on FOX news "Frickmas" was last weekend. "The Wife" bestowed on me a new piece of gym equipment, her subtle way of letting me know that I need to get in shape or she was concerned that I was going to get crushed under a barbell. I picked up my "Power Rack" (and a new CAP barbell) yesterday and after assembling it I was to tired to workout.
The only thing that the Fricks World gym is missing is a towel girl.

Oh You Gotta Love This One

Frisco outs art teacher after museum trip

FRISCO, Texas Frisco school trustees aren't renewing the contract of a veteran art teacher who was reprimanded because a student saw a nude sculpture during a museum visit.

Kids have been taking field trips ever since teachers figured out it was a great way to waste a school day and it didn't really involve much planning.
One of the best places for a field trip is a museum. You will have a tour guide that does all the planning, all the talking, will even yell at the students if they get too loud and plus the teacher can sit on the bus and smoke (at least that's what my teachers did).
Now all of a sudden in this day and age some parent blows a gasket cause little Johnny saw a nude sculpture. I might be way off on this one but I believe that there have been nude sculptures in museums since their inception. Matter of fact I think museums were built so that we could store all the nude sculptures in one place, that way you don't have to drive all over God's green earth to see them.
Now why did this parent sign the permission slip to allow little Johnny to go? Didn't they know what exhibits are in museums? Were they that stupid? If they are then we need to find little Johnny a new set of parents.
Besides museums, art books and National Geographic magazines are a great way for pre-adolescent kids to learns about the "Birds and the Bees" and it keeps them from bugging us with those types of questions........

One For All You Road Warriors

Sometimes the little guy wins.
Here is an absolutely horrifying story "LINK"

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Curious George Part Duex

Looks like George Michael has gone and done it yet again "LINK". We spoke about this earlier in the year "LINK" . Famous people are not bright enough to buy, carry, handle or touch their own drugs, you all get busted each and every time.
Now George has been arrested for drugs and I believe he was also caught in a public restroom exposing himself to an undercover cop.
Does this guy think he's a member of Congress or what?

My Question Of The Week

Unless you are living under a rock everyone has heard of Rep. Mark Foley and his apparent fondness for texting 16 year old house pages. In case you are living under said rock here is a "LINK" please read every bit & byte and then come back here and finish reading this post.
But in a nutshell Foley got nailed for apparently texting a house page some questionable content. Then after getting busted Foley pulled out this grand trifecta, possibly looking for some sympathy
He's gay (so are many people, and since he was texting male pages we kind of assumed this)
He's an alcoholic (oh yeah, and he's on his was to rehab)
And as a teen he was molested by a member of the clergy (much to easy to add a smart ass comment here, so please add your own)

OK, here is my question:
Why was none of this apparently vital information important to us until after Foley got nailed with his finger on the # button?

In the past I've been known to drink and a few times I've even drank on both Friday and then Saturday night and have never once felt the urge to text 16 year old little girls or little boys.

Is Foley the same kind of alcoholic that Mel Gibson is? I've never uttered anti-semitic remarks after I've downed a few drinks. Maybe they are convenient alcoholics.

Is it that hard for one to be responsible for their own actions?

Well I guess that was 3 questions.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Guess What I Didn't Buy Today

The latest and greatest device for "Latch-Key-Kids". This being such a litigious society and all I'm surprised that there isn't another sticker telling you to remove the "Key Hide" sticker.
Well your Honor I didn't know that after I stashed my house key in the rabbits butt that I should remove the "Key Hide" sticker. I guess those mean old burglar's were able to read, and that's why I'm suing the "Plastic Rabbit Key Hide" company.
I'm thinking of walking through my neighborhood and see if I can find any of these little gems.

New Soccer Pictures

The "Strikers" are back for another season "LINK"

I'm Not As Think As You Drunk I Am

It seems like Milo G. was close to getting blood in his alcohol.

Drunk as a skunk - and then some
By Mike Miller
With a blood alcohol content of 0.425 percent, many people would be dead, and most others, according to one scientific study, would probably be in a coma.
But not Milo G. Chamberlain of Madison. He was still able to argue with a bartender, swipe a few bucks from a pool player and, after having been kicked out of the Union House Tavern, get into a fight with a nearby gasoline pump.

As you read through the article you'll also find that Milo G. was also under the impression that smoking $1.00 bills will give you a buzz. Well Milo G. let me tell you that smoking currency will give you a heady buzz, but it's from the lack of oxygen to your brain not any chemicals that are actually contained it the bills you were smoking.