Sunday, October 08, 2006

Oh You Gotta Love This One

Frisco outs art teacher after museum trip

FRISCO, Texas Frisco school trustees aren't renewing the contract of a veteran art teacher who was reprimanded because a student saw a nude sculpture during a museum visit.

Kids have been taking field trips ever since teachers figured out it was a great way to waste a school day and it didn't really involve much planning.
One of the best places for a field trip is a museum. You will have a tour guide that does all the planning, all the talking, will even yell at the students if they get too loud and plus the teacher can sit on the bus and smoke (at least that's what my teachers did).
Now all of a sudden in this day and age some parent blows a gasket cause little Johnny saw a nude sculpture. I might be way off on this one but I believe that there have been nude sculptures in museums since their inception. Matter of fact I think museums were built so that we could store all the nude sculptures in one place, that way you don't have to drive all over God's green earth to see them.
Now why did this parent sign the permission slip to allow little Johnny to go? Didn't they know what exhibits are in museums? Were they that stupid? If they are then we need to find little Johnny a new set of parents.
Besides museums, art books and National Geographic magazines are a great way for pre-adolescent kids to learns about the "Birds and the Bees" and it keeps them from bugging us with those types of questions........

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