Monday, October 09, 2006

TSA Is So On The Ball

At the airport this afternoon, I'm putting my shoes back on, sliding my laptop back into its case after going through security, when I look over my shoulder and what do I see?
But a hand truck with six 5 gallon bottles of water on it. Guess what there is no one watching the hand truck, guarding the hand truck or supervising the hand truck, it's all by itself. Now this hand truck has somehow mysteriously made it past all of the TSA screeners onto the gate side of the terminal.
Now due to the fact that I travel with a half ounce bottle of liquid shampoo (a months supply I might add) it is highly advisable that I check my luggage, which I did.
If a half ounce of shampoo can take down a plane I just wonder what 30 gallons of water could do in some terrorists hands.

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