Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm Not As Think As You Drunk I Am

It seems like Milo G. was close to getting blood in his alcohol.

Drunk as a skunk - and then some
By Mike Miller
With a blood alcohol content of 0.425 percent, many people would be dead, and most others, according to one scientific study, would probably be in a coma.
But not Milo G. Chamberlain of Madison. He was still able to argue with a bartender, swipe a few bucks from a pool player and, after having been kicked out of the Union House Tavern, get into a fight with a nearby gasoline pump.

As you read through the article you'll also find that Milo G. was also under the impression that smoking $1.00 bills will give you a buzz. Well Milo G. let me tell you that smoking currency will give you a heady buzz, but it's from the lack of oxygen to your brain not any chemicals that are actually contained it the bills you were smoking.

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