Thursday, October 05, 2006

My Question Of The Week

Unless you are living under a rock everyone has heard of Rep. Mark Foley and his apparent fondness for texting 16 year old house pages. In case you are living under said rock here is a "LINK" please read every bit & byte and then come back here and finish reading this post.
But in a nutshell Foley got nailed for apparently texting a house page some questionable content. Then after getting busted Foley pulled out this grand trifecta, possibly looking for some sympathy
He's gay (so are many people, and since he was texting male pages we kind of assumed this)
He's an alcoholic (oh yeah, and he's on his was to rehab)
And as a teen he was molested by a member of the clergy (much to easy to add a smart ass comment here, so please add your own)

OK, here is my question:
Why was none of this apparently vital information important to us until after Foley got nailed with his finger on the # button?

In the past I've been known to drink and a few times I've even drank on both Friday and then Saturday night and have never once felt the urge to text 16 year old little girls or little boys.

Is Foley the same kind of alcoholic that Mel Gibson is? I've never uttered anti-semitic remarks after I've downed a few drinks. Maybe they are convenient alcoholics.

Is it that hard for one to be responsible for their own actions?

Well I guess that was 3 questions.

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