Sunday, October 22, 2006

My PSA (Public Service Announcement)

"Goose" now has her license, you have been duly warned/advised. Now you shouldn't be that nervous I'm nervous enough for everyone. "Goose" has been to "Taggart's" (not the D.U.I. part, just the Drivers ED part) and passed. They even made her drive to the Atlanta airport and on I-285.
It's not so much her that makes me nervous, it's the other idiots on the road that make me nervous (all parents say that, I think it is a parental requirement).
After spending the morning at the DMV I now have a better understanding of what's wrong with this country. We should now make it a requirement that before you can vote you must drop by the DMV for a few hours just to observe, because this, in my opinion is where most of the idiots hang out and maybe seeing these peoples behavior might influence you on what issues you need to really pay attention to when casting your vote, then agin maybe it won't. I also have a feeling that most of these idiots also vote. There are people there that can't follow directions: "Please wait here for your number to be called", "Please remain in this area while the driving test is being performed" and once again I add most of these idiots vote.

"Goose" was a bit concerned with the whole "Will I pass my driving test?" and I being the best parent that I could assured her "Yes, you'll pass" while in the back of my mind just hoping that she would. Well after waiting for our number to be called and listening to all of the different dialects being spoken because these people knew little or no English ( I'm on the side of that they knew no English, but damn they knew they needed a drivers license), I was convinced that she would pass. The DMV is the cultural melting pot of our country.

As "Goose" was taking her driving test and while "The Wife" and I stayed in the designated area I spied this genius leaving the DMV with what I'm sure was his nice new shinny license in hand. He decides to pull out onto "Beaver Ruin Road" on the left side of a double yellow line and a cement divider. I could only imagine that "Genius Boy" is thinking "Everyone is honking at me because they are so excited that I just got my license" no they're honking at you cause your an idiot and you probably vote..................

The above picture was not "Photoshopped" just ask "The Wife" she saw this as well.

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