Thursday, May 18, 2006

Grandma's Almost 81 And She's Getting Ink Done

Great-grandma tattoos "DO NOT RESUSCITATE" on her chest Woman hopes tattoo sparks discussions about health crises REGISTER STAFF WRITER May 16, 2006

Decorah, Ia. — Eighty-year-old Mary Wohlford has informed family members of her wishes should she ever become incapacitated. She also has signed a living will that hangs on the side of her refrigerator. But the retired nurse and great-grandmother now believes she has removed all potential for confusion. She had the words "DO NOT RESUSCITATE" tattooed on her chest.

This has got to be cheaper than hiring a lawyer. Just think you could tattoo your entire will on your body, if you are fat enough.
I am thinking of inking a few of my funeral wishes across my chest:
"This Side Up"
"Do Not Remove My Gold Fillings"

Now I'm sure tattooing and 80 year old woman just had to make the artists day, probably that guys whole year. This has to be safer than inking the name of your husband or wife on your body.
Now I'm sure that God forbid something happens to this poor women and the hospital crew spies this bit of literary work on her chest there will still be a group of people protesting to keep this woman alive by whatever means is possible.

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