Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Who Makes These Rules

I'm having to make some flight reservations for "Goose" so that she can enjoy the summer as any 16 year old has the right to. I'm sticking her on a "Southwest" flight to, it doesn't matter where she's going just that she's going. Now while "Goose" can drive she's not old enough to vote and definitely not old enough to drink so is she an adult? Well according to Southwest she's an adult as a matter of fact according to Southwest if you are over the age of 2 your an adult, that is until you scan your eyes to the right an inch or so and see "Children under 12 traveling alone" huh, what, hold on just an inch before she was an adult. So are they adults or are they children? What's going on, I'm confused.

1 comment:

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