Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Kids Just Rolled Back In

Both of them lacking sleep, needless to say it's wonderful around here this afternoon.

"Goose" and her friends decided to recreate one of the scenes from "Thriller"

While "H" was more concerned with scoring as much candy as possible, my guesstimate is around 4 lbs which equates to 1 cavity, 12-15 hours of elevated sugar levels and numerous candy wrapper strewn throughout the house.

The group contained a Buddha, Zombie Cheerleader, Go-Go Dancer, Jack Sparrow, Dragon, Audrey Hepburn & Mr. Viking.


baseballmom024 said...

Love the costumes, looks like they had a great time! As for the candy, if you can stay away from that, you have quite some willpower. Isn't Halloween all about scoring as much candy as possible when you are a kid???



Frick said...

As my son that "That candy is 3 hours of hard work" I have a feeling that's all his cardio for the week.