Sunday, November 02, 2008

What's Missing In Kentucky?

Yuengling beer is what's missing my friends. During the last few weeks they've been shipping this liquid gold into Georgia, but somehow they've overlooked the Bluegrass sister of ours KENTUCKY.

Someone has been industrious and has put together "Bring Yuengling To Kentucky".

Why Not the Best Brew in the Bluegrass State?

A great domestic beer Yuengling, brewed since 1829, is NOT sold in Kentucky. As a loyal Yuengling consumer, I am starting a drive to add Kentucky to the list of 12 states now part of the Yuengling distribution territory. Kentucky has states to the east (Virginia) and to the south (Tennessee) that currently sell Yuengling. Georgia was just added at the end of October 2008. It make take a while to convince the Yuengling family to expand to another state, however let's be patient, but persistent. The drive is on!
Visit the official Yuengling site to read the history and seven fine beers currently produced by this family owned brewery.

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