Thursday, July 08, 2004

The last full day of vacation

We went by the Kentucky Dam at 8,422’ it is the longest dam on the Tennessee River. They had one of the hydroelectric turbines outside on display it weighs over 100 tons. This dam also has a 600’ lock for the barges to get past the dam. The fishing boats were stacked below the dam; we did not see a single fish caught.
We then went down to land between the lakes. We looked like a scene from the sound of music as we hiked single file around lake hematite. Saw lots of turtles, raccoon tracks and one snake. We picnicked as two deer stood by watching and waiting for food, uncle doug shot a couple of grapes their way. From the deer’s expresions I do not think deer care for grapes. We then drove through the elk and bison prairie. It was like an Americanized Lion Country Safari. We did see big bison and baby bison. They had posted signs as to how dangerous and unpredictable these bison are, but somehow I think these bison know they are for show and not go.
We rented a pontoon boat for part of the afternoon, Uncle Doug and “H” both caught fish, the only thing I caught was the lakes bottom with the anchor.
My battery died in the digital camera and since the neighboring stores have never heard of Kyocera much less knew they made cameras, we are a little shy on pictures. We took some shots with an old school disposable camera so once they get developed we will post them.
Oh yeah I did get some fish after all, rainbow trout for dinner at cracker barrel.

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