Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Progression Of Things Around Here

The general progression of things around "Frick's World" is that simple and cheap things, projects or ideas will usually snowball into complicated and expensive.
For example I present to you the scenario below:

Below is a plate rack in our kitchen, it's been there awhile looks good and serves its purpose, whatever that purpose is. We don't use the plates so they should last in theory forever.

It's a nice plate rack, I like it.
"The Wife". while shopping, sees some new plates that will look nice on the
kitchen plate rack that currently is holding plates that we never use.

This, I think would be the "Simple & Cheap" part.

To my eyes it looks great in the plate rack, even though I found no fault with the old plates.

The key to the sentence above is "To my eyes" because if you look at the picture below
you can plainly see the plate rack is blocking the cute inscription on the plate.

Now comes the "Complicated & Expensive" part.
Since the current rack is covering the cute inscription it will require a new plate rack. This will require removal of the perfectly good old rack, patching the holes, because you know there's no way to find a new rack that has the same screw pattern. An additional trip to the plate rack store and 15 minutes with a screw driver I present to you the new plate rack and plates.
I'm sure I'll grow to like this one as much as I liked the previous one.
And always remember "Share Laughter"

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