Sunday, August 22, 2004

The end of the week? Or the beginning?

What a week.
Its started tanking somewhere around Wednesday. The wifes car decides on its own to bust/break/mutilate the timing belt. Now of course something like this does not happen in the garage on a Saturday morning. She was driving home from the doctors. Thank goodness my Aunt gave us AAA for Christmas plus she was able to transport the wife to the local Goodyear store. I swear I heard the Goodyear guy say CHA-CHING as he saw the Frickmobile (similar to the Popemobile) follow the tow truck into the parking lot. Well 2 hours and $500.00 later the wife is back on the road. As all this was transpiring my job was to pick up Goose at school. This was very similar to the carpool scene from Mr. MOM. I am entering through the exit, I have all these teachers swing their arms wildly at me. Me I'm clueless I think they are happy to see me, so I wave back, this was not the case. Now Goose is looking for Mom's Frickmobile not Dad's and I can't seem to be able to remember what Goose looks like so it is necessary for me to make 2 laps through the carpool lane.
Now lets jump ahead to Friday, my phone rings its the wife. The garage door won't open and she says that something is hanging down from the drive chain and you guessed it the car is inside. My first question "Is the garage door laying on top of the Frickmobile with the new timing belt?". "No you Jackball" she replies I need to go pick up Goose at school. Well after my experience on Wednesday at carpool it is quickly decided that Goose will ride the bus home. I could hear Goose now "Not the bus". Fixing the garage door was not a big deal , less than a dollars worth of bolts and we were back in business.
Now its Sunday morning, I am downstairs and we are getting ready for church. I hear "HONEY there is water running out of the toilet". Cripe, was my response and I rush upstairs expecting to see the cat drowning, but alas no such luck. Turns out the ballcock (a plumbing term, not porn) is jammed and has over filled the tank and water is now flowing out through the handle. A quick fix.
We cooked out on the grill this evening, I was reluctant at first for fear of setting the backyard ablaze with the recent Fricksworld string of bad luck. I was reassured that everything would be fine and to go ahead and light the grill.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the dern phone line went dead Saturday afternoon. Nothing better that dealing with the phone company. Someone will be there today between 11:00 and 2:00 we are told. Guess what 2:00 and no technician. The wife gets back on the phone and they tell her Oh someone should have called to tell you that you have been re-scheduled for Sunday between 2:00 and 5:00. 5:00 Sunday comes and guess what no technician, the wife is back on the phone and they tell her that someone (who is this someone, what is his name and how do I get his job?) will call her back within 45 minutes with an ETA. 5:30 comes the dog starts going nuts and I look out the window like I do on Christmas Eve and I see the elusive technician. I asked the technician if he is someone, of course I get no response, only a blank stare and 10 minutes later we have a dial tone.
I need to get back to work so I can rest

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