Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Mom's Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom
Looking forward to your big birthday bash. You are kind of like OPRAH in the fact that you are throwing your own birthday party....
What a tiring and thankless job you had in raising me. I am sure that there were times that you would look at me then look toward heaven, then look toward me again and just shake your head.

Now I am sure that you remember the time I wore my Mork & Mindysuspenders to church, or the time I decided to wash your cars engine, the first time I shaved my head... and the fact that I did not go to my high school graduation.

Well I remember the time that you helped me look for the snake that had escaped in my car, the time that you took a dog bite for me and of course (my favorite) the time you rescued me from the drunk girlfriend and dropped her off at her Dad's house on his honeymoon night, what a hoot that was............
Through the years you always gave me the freedom to make my own choices (and gently guide towards the right decisions) no matter how selfish I was being at the time.

You have always been their for your family no matter what was going on at the time.

We are thankful that you have been able to be a part your grandchildrens life, even though or house is not the calmest on the block.

The simple things that you do for us, such as the memory box that I get to keep adding too ( You saved the hair from my first haircut, hair that I wish I could re-attach to my head).

I hope that you have a great birthday, and I look forward to your party. Maybe Entertainment Tonight will show up and film it.

Your are the best Mommy in the world...........

I Love You