Saturday, August 07, 2004

Bad Design?

Due to my recent bad luck with my smartphone I have decided to publish what I think are bad designs

Bad Design

All flip phones except the Motorola V60

Hotels that have desk chairs that are to low for the desk

Asheville NC hospital room 738. The light switch is inside the drawer and there is no plug by the sink for your electric razor

PowerPoint slides with more than 4 bullet points on it.

My smartphone, that will not charge when I am talking on it. (Its been a bad smartphone week)

The cereal tubes at Holiday Inn Expresses. Not matter how careful I am I always dump some on the floor.

The electrician who decided to put my thermostat in the hottest part of the house

Good Design

The A/C plugs on the new MAC G5. They angle so the cord does not kink

Aqua fresh toothpaste with floss in the cap. (What took someone so long to think of this?)

D-Link USB wireless card. Small, looks cool and fits in you pocket

Hampton Inn in Greenville SC. They have laptop desks in every room. They also have an area map attached to your room key holder.

MY Targus AC power supply. Both of the cords detach from it & comes with a zippered pouch

Google Toolbar

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