Saturday, August 21, 2004

80 things about me

1. I live in Georgia
2. Married 18 years next month
3. 2 kids (boy & girl)
4. 3 cars
5. I like to fish
6. Make that love to fish
7. I have a yellow lab named Cider
8. The rest of the family has 2 cats (big deal)
9. We have a fish (Jack) who is very low maintenance
10. I spend a lot of time on the computer
12. I don't sleep well at nights
13. I have lost 60 lbs in the last year
14. I am bald, by choice
15. I am turning 40 next month
16. I am getting a tattoo for my 40 birthday
17. I am A+, Net+,CDIA+ & CNA certified
18. I never call in sick for work
19. I listen to "Dave Matthews Band"
20 I took piano lessons for 6 years growing up
21. I can't repair cars too save my life
22. My parents live in North Carolina, for the next month, then they move to Georgia
23. My Aunt lives close by
24. I cut my own grass
25. I like to cook
26. I run 4 miles everyday
27. I still eat at Taco Bell
28. I have never skydived, but would like to
29. I wear suspenders to work a lot
30. I have 15 pairs of suspenders
31. I watch "American Chopper" every week
32. I think "West Coast Chopper's" builds a better looking bike
33. I love my wife
34. We met in High School
35. I hate painting
36. I hate hanging wallpaper even more
37. I don't go fishing enough
38. I have a great CD collection
39. I still have not replaced my broken digital camera
40. I have 4 e-mail accounts, bit I only check 3 of them
41. I hate voice mail
42. I miss a lot of dentist appointments
43. I over 2000 minutes a month on my cell phone
44. I am good with PowerPoint
45. I snore when I sleep
46. If we go out to lunch I'm never picky about where we eat
47. I can usually make you laugh
48. I have an earring
49. I don't wear it to the office
50. I am a pain to go clothes shopping with
51. I make fun of my wifes feet
52. My son and I have matching "West Coast Chopper's" shirts
53. Sometime we actually wear them at the same time
54. When we do we look silly
55. Sometimes its OK too look silly, unless your are at church or a wedding
56. I am a good tipper
57. I always forget to pay my cell phone bill
58. We finally bought a DVD player
59. One of our TV's is 18 years old
60. I was almost in the Army
61. I failed High School
62. I made it up and graduated during summer school
63. I did not go to my prom
64. I sing a lot of made up songs in the car
65. My daughter can be mouthy at times, she gets it from me.
66. I enjoy winter
67. I never tan, I just burn
68. I like wearing hats
69. I will not allow my kids to have a horse
70. I want a mini ipod
71. I am watching the Olympics while typing this
72. Politics does not hold my interest
73. I read a bunch
74. I read non-fiction
75. I love cool t-shirts
76. I still watch Sienfield when ever I can
77. My favorite drink is Diet Mtn Dew
78. I wish that I was good at Basketball
79. I am terrible at spelling (as if you could not tell)
80. I love the spell checker, lots of times it can't even guess at what I'm trying to spell

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