Saturday, September 03, 2005

He's Very Advanced

Our Godson came over for dinner this evening, he had his Mom drive him since his feet are to short to reach the gas and brake pedals.
This young lad is very advanced for his young age. I did convince him to stay somewhat motionless for a moment or two as I snapped a few pictures.

Even at this young age he is already very health/body conscious. Above he is giving us a quick exhibition of his yoga skills. I think he termed this position "Headus Bowlus Floorus" I termed it "I'm more flexible than you are old man". "Cider-Dog" is thinking "What's Up With This Little Dude"

He then exhibited some of his musical talent as he played a few tunes on our kitchen funnel.

He also showed us how simple everyday items can serve multiple purposes. The pictures above shows how an everyday kitchen bowl can be worn as a hat and then quickly moved over the face to act as face mask for a pickup game of backyard baseball.


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