Saturday, September 03, 2005

Entertaining Myself

Since I am the Alpha-Male at Frick's World (at least that's what "The Wife" tells me) I am generally in charge of cooking over an open flame and since tonight is BBQ night that means what I says goes when it comes to dinner.
I use charcoal when grilling out, not because it gives the food a better taste, it's because it allows me time to throw back a few beers while I wait for the coals to turn an ashen gray. Tonight as I was partaking of my favorite adult beverage I gazed across the back forty of Frick's World and noticed that there was an abundance of downed pinecones. Everyone knows of my disdain for pinecones, and of course there would be no internal peace until said pinecones were eradicated. Being the thinking kind of an Alpha Male I decided to run down to the basement and retrieve my racketball racket. After an exhausting 15 minute search I was finally able to lay my hands on this relic from my youth. Man talk about fun, I was grabbing pinecones and launching them into the woods. After about 10 minutes The Wife" appears at the door asking "What in the world are you doing?" "Entertaining myself" was all I was able to muster. "The Wife" did have a sushi and cheese platter waiting for me after my small victory over the pinecones.

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