Saturday, September 17, 2005

Friday Night Lights

I flew back from New Jersey and made it to "Goose's" homecoming game during the second quarter. It's always a good idea to play your homecoming game against a team you know you can beat.
Brookwood won 60 - 0. "Would the lady who lost her 11 kids please retrieve them because the Broncos are beating them up" was heard over the stadiums PA system.

The Brookwood Band marked the field for the introduction of the homecoming court. One of the girls running for homecoming queen listed her hobbies as fishing and hunting, get in there girl.

The "Band Nerd" support team was everywhere.

High school football games are still a place for students to go and be seen. I asked "Goose" what the final score of the game was, he reply "There was a game?"
I must say that high school students are much better looking now than when I was in school.
Tonight is the homecoming dance and I imagine that Frick's World will be whipped up into a frenzy by late afternoon.


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