Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Unlikely What?

After hearing what's revealed in this book maybe they should have titled it "Ice Angel". It seems as if my friends, family and I are the only ones not getting jacked up on some kind of drug these days. Now granted I have not read this book yet, and I'm sure there is a whole lot more to it than the fact that Ashley managed to keep a little "ice" around for any alleged kidnappers that may drop by. I guess that I am just jaded, yeah, that's what I am jaded.
Hats off to Ashley if she's turning here life around, but like "The Wife" always says "bad company corrupts good character".

The local news station apparently didn't harness enough media horsepower to land an interview with Miss Ashley but they were granted an interview with her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/whatever. This cat was full of all kind of useful information. After watching this interview and hearing of Ashley's plight "H" looked perplexed. "Hey bud what's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing really it's just that girl makes me want to say the "E" word" he replied. I quickly ran down all the "bad" words that I knew which begin with an E, nothing there, then I ran down all the bad words that I may have spoke that begin with an E, nothing there either. OK, little man fire away, what's the "E" word?
That's my boy a combination of street smarts and a public school education.

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