Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What's Going To Happen To All My Sky Miles

"Delta what are you doing?"
It's kind of like having someone work for you doing a relatively simple job. You pay this person mad cash, serious mad cash more money than any anyone else doing the same simple job in the whole world. Then one day you find out this person is broke, real bankruptcy type broke. How can that be...................
Every and I mean every flight that I am on is full and in some cases over-booked. Hell, you guys are trying to buy the seats back from us.
Where is your cash going? I know the price of Jet Fuel is up but so is the cost I'm paying you for a round trip ticket. You may have recently sold one of your regional units and are downsizing your Cincinnati hub (damn those chili boys), will it be enough? Who knows maybe the market is ripe for someone to swoop in, you never know....

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