Thursday, September 22, 2005

Frick's World Travel Tip #15

Don't bother searching for the first 14 tips there aren't any, this is the first official tip, but #15 gives a better appearance than #1.
We have had a few un-official tips in the "past" but again this one is official.

TIP #15
When returning your rental if you plan to leave the keys in the ignition while waiting for rental lot lizard to tally up your bill ROLL DOWN THE CARS WINDOW!
The poor guy behind me at Hertz this evening did not follow this advice, too bad. He hops out of the car, the Hertz guy hops in writes down the odometer, hits the door lock button, forgets to remove the keys and slams the car door. Forgets to remove the keys, "Son-Of-A-Nutcracker, my luggage is still in the trunk and scattered across the back seat" is all I could hear this poor chap scream.
As I hopped the bus to the terminal I thought "Man, this guy sure could have used Travel Tip #15"

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