Monday, September 05, 2005

Getting Along At Work

I was looking at John's site and saw this "LINK"

I began thinking of some additions to John's list, so here they are:

When ever anybody asks you to go to lunch reply with “Can you give me about 10 minutes to finish this up?” and then shuffle some papers on your desk. This way you appear to be busy.

Subscribe to any industry related periodical and leave them in plain view. You don’t have to actually read them, just leave them on display for others to see.

Print multiple page documents on page at a time. Then make multiple trips to the printer to retrieve your printed document. This makes you look really busy.

Leave a bottle of aspirin on you desk. This will give the appearance that you work is so demanding intense and stressful that it often leads to headaches, possibly migraines.

Have lots of silly toys on your desk. This will lead others to believe that you are at the office so much that you miss your home. This also works well with pictures, even if you don’t have a family that misses you. Most picture frames come with a bogus picture already in it. Look for frames with small children.

Grab some empty soda cans from the recycling bin and scatter them around your desk. You will look so busy you that you don’t even have time to make a trip to the recycling bin.

By 11:00 am everyday loosen your tie and un-button the top button on your shirt. This gives the appearance that either you have been at the office since 5:00 am or you are really digging into a project.

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