Sunday, October 30, 2005

Remember These?

My kids are vaguely familiar with these likes of these. If you rummage around under the front seat of "The Wifes" old car you are bound to find one.
I remember making "Mix Tapes". The original method was to hold a microphone right up to the speaker and capture either the turntable or the radio, this made for fantastic quality. Then as cassette deck technology progressed they were manufactured with line-in and line-out controls this produced a "Premium" sound. We used to buy 120 minute blank tapes, the tape was so thin the eventually would either snap our somehow work its way all through the guts of the cassette deck. Then I would grab a pencil and attempt to fish tattered magnetic tape from the bowels of my after market installed cassette deck.
Anyways there was a real art to blank cassette art work, check out this "LINK" to see if you remember buying any of these beauties.

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