Sunday, October 02, 2005

Just The Type Of Traffic I'm After

"Click Image For Biggie Size"
I just love comment spam, all of them usually start out along the same lines
"Interesting blog you have here" or "This is a excellent blog. Keep it going". With such great words of encouragement I just quit my job stop taking showers and just blog full time.
The comment spam above is from this morning and it's my favorite to date.
I just love the following line:

My site is a bit different than yours, but just as entertaining and educational, I run a mens male enhancement reviews related site pertaining to mens male enhancement reviews related articles.

Yeah, buddy your site would be a bit different than mine, probably not as entertaining and defiantly more educational when it comes to mens male enhancement reviews.
And by the way what's up with "mens male" aren't they the same?


Anonymous said...

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