Monday, October 10, 2005

The DIY Weekend Is Done

The bathroom over haul is complete. "The Wife" has informed me that my behavior during this project was better than usual, which is surprising. I do recall having one melt down and it came as I was trying to get the chair rail miters just right, bit that's what they invented caulk for right?

We framed the mirror out and replaced the light fixture. All the hardware has a nice pewter tone to it.

Several years ago "The Wife" bought an old window at an antique sale. I have hauled that old window from one residence to another and managed to bitch about it at every opportunity.
That window has been pretty good and quick ammunition during little squabbles. I usually resort to it when "The Wife" is winning such squabbles "Well at least I didn't but an old window that just sits in the basement collecting spider webs".
Once she hears that little golden nugget, she will suddenly cease talking (I've stunned her, or at least that's what I think), she will smile and then hit me with the TKO punch "Well at least I don't pee standing up!" It's at that point that I know I have lost and then I retreat, back to eating my sandwich or whatever I was doing before.
You see the whole reason that women are superior is the simple fact that at some point someone felt it necessary to design a urinal, and since that day it's been down hill for us men.
OK back to the window, "The Wife" came up with a great idea for that old window, convert it into a cabinet. And that's what we did, a couple of 1"x6"s a piano hinge that was laying around and shazam and instant antique. The best part is that it covers the big hole left in the wall from the medicine cabinet.

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Julian said...

Your bathroom project looks nice, seems like a good compromise between not being to girly and looking good.